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A Power Point Show: Beethoven! A Show For 8 th Graders.

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1 A Power Point Show: Beethoven! A Show For 8 th Graders

2 History Born: Exact day unknown either 15 th or 16 th of December 1770 Received music lessons from his father Occasionally plays as organist

3 History cont. March 26 th 1778 first public performance 1780 learns Latin, French, Italian Also 1780 learns Violin, Viola 1782 officially appointed court organist

4 History cont. 1788 ask for raise, is refused so leaves Enrolls in University of Bonn Becomes poor 1792 moves to Vienna

5 History cont. 1793 lessons with Haydn 1795 three public concerts Piano Concerto No. 1 Improvises Mozart Concert

6 History cont. 1796 Journey to Prague Start of serious illness, loss or hearing 1797 definite sign of hearing loss 1798- early 1800’s many opuses written

7 History wrap up 1803-1815 most major works written 1817 health really starting to decline Still many performances in his later life 1827 Dies on March 26th

8 One of his most famous tunes…

9 Pictures Beethoven 1800

10 Beethoven 1815

11 Beethoven’s mom and dad

12 Some of Beethoven’s instruments

13 Beethoven Today How has is music influenced the world of music for today? Can you name some popular songs that use Beethoven’s music?

14 Here’s one!

15 Assignment From Beethoven’s ideas and style, compose your own piece with two variations or improve. Write for string quartet or piano


17 Reference For more detailed information go to:

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