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Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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1 Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
By : Ankit Patel Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

2 Mozart's childhood Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on January 27,1756 in Salzburg, Austria. Mozart became fascinated in the harpsichord lessons his father-Leopold gave his sister.

3 Moving to Vienna Franz Joseph Haydn Later on in Mozart’s life he moved to Vienna, Austria to study under a composer named Joseph Haydn.

4 Mozart’s operas Besides being one of the greatest composer’s to ever live, Mozart also wrote many operas. The marriage of Figaro

5 Marriage In the later years Mozart married a singer named Constanze Weber. They went on to have six kids, but only two survived to adulthood. Constanze Weber

6 Mozart’s Music Mozart's Turkish March Mozart played and composed lots of music which included masses , piano concertos, operas, and string quartets.

7 Sickness According to historians Mozart later got very ill and was forced to quit his career as a pianist and composer.

8 Death On December 5,1791 Mozart died of a cause that is unknown cause still being questioned today. He died at the age of 35. Mozart’s grave in St. Marx cemetery found in Vienna, Austria.

9 Mozart and Beethoven Mozart and Beethoven might have met at some point. It’s not proven but it is possible. We do know that Beethoven and Mozart were in Vienna, Austria 2 weeks at the same time.

10 Question #1 In which city was Mozart born in? A. Salzburg, Austria B. Vienna, Austria C. Bonn, Germany D. NH

11 A

12 Question #2 Who did Mozart study under? A. Ludwig Van Beethoven B. Franz Joseph Haydn C. Leopold Mozart D. NH

13 B

14 Question #3 A. Singer B. Violinist C. Composer D. NH
What was Constanze Weber’s occupation? A. Singer B. Violinist C. Composer D. NH

15 A

16 Question #4 A. Salzburg, Austria B. Washington D.C C. Vienna, Austria
Where is St. Marx cemetery found? A. Salzburg, Austria B. Washington D.C C. Vienna, Austria D. NH

17 C

18 Question #5 What age did Mozart die at? A. 57 B. 112 C. 36 D. NH

19 NH

20 Question #6 A.2 years B.2 months C.2 days D.NH
How long was Mozart and Beethoven in Vienna at the same time? A.2 years B.2 months C.2 days D.NH

21 NH

22 Fun facts Mozart could write music notes before words
He wrote mathematical figures on walls and tablecloths Mozart wrote: 50 symphonies 25 piano concertos 12 violin concertos 27 concert arias 26 string quartets 103 minuets 15 masses 21 opera works


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