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St. Ambrose University Main Campus Planned Institutional District Application December 15, 2011.

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1 St. Ambrose University Main Campus Planned Institutional District Application December 15, 2011

2 Meeting Agenda Welcome and Introductions Tentative Schedule Review enrollment projections through 2020 Discuss new buildings, building additions and parking Discuss Storm Water Mitigation Plans Discuss Traffic Study Questions and Answers

3 Tentative Schedule December 15 – Neighborhood Meeting January 3 – Plan and Zoning Commission (PZC) “Preview Meeting” (City staff provide a brief preview of the request prior to the public meeting) January 17 – PZC Public Hearing January 31 – PZC Meeting (vote) February 15 – Committee-of-the-Whole Meeting (official Public Hearing and Community Development Committee discussion) February 22 and March 14 – City Council Meetings (first and second readings) March 28 – City Council Meeting (third reading of ordinance and vote)

4 Enrollment Planning Undergraduate – Current enrollment of 2,575 students. Plan to increase to 2,750 by 2020, an increase of 6.8%. Graduate – Current enrollment of 850 students. Plan to increase to 1,000 students by 2020, a 17.65% increase (most students are part-time and attend classes at night). Adult – Current enrollment of 250 students. Plan to increase to 500 students by 2020, a 50.0% increase. (most students are part-time and attend classes at night).

5 New Buildings in Application 50,100 square foot addition to the existing Physical Education Center and Lee Lohman Arena. – Current structure built in 1983. – The building needs to be expanded to meet the needs of students, our athletic programs and numerous academic departments that use this building. – To be located along Lombard Street where the current practice football field currently sits.

6 New Buildings in Application (cont.) – PE Center addition will include the following: Fitness training areas (cardio and weight rooms) New tennis, basketball and volleyball courts New running track New offices and sports medicine Expanded locker rooms, public restrooms, concessions and storage

7 PE Center Addition

8 New Buildings in Application (cont.) 45,700 square foot addition to the Galvin Fine Arts Center. – Building was built in 1968 – Houses the University’s programs in Communication, Music, Art and Theatre. These programs have expanded beyond the size of the building. – Master plan also calls for more academic space to meet future enrollment levels.

9 New Buildings in Application (cont.) – 43,500 sq. ft. addition will be built to the east of the existing structure and a 2,200 sq. ft. addition will be added to the lobby. – Additions will include the following: Lecture hall Classroom and studio space New 200-seat venue Expanded lobby and restrooms for guests Elevator and other ADA improvements.

10 New Buildings in Application (cont.) 256-space parking structure – Will be located at the corner of High and Gaines Streets. – Will have a low profile and take advantage of the topography that falls away as Gaines Street goes north towards Lombard Street. – Drivers will enter at grade at High Street (upper level) or off of the Gaines/Lombard Parking Lot (lower level). – An efficient use of space as it will not include any ramps.

11 New Buildings in Application (cont.) Two new 54,400 sq. ft. residence halls to replace the townhouses. – Townhouses currently house 104 students – Enrollment plans will require one more residence hall – When the townhouses are taken down the second residence hall will be needed. – Plan to offer more on-campus student housing and bring students to interior of campus.

12 New Buildings in Application (cont.)

13 Parking A comprehensive Parking Study and Parking Master Plan was completed by Walker Parking Consultants in 2011. Assuming current enrollment projections are realized, Walker estimates the University will need 205 more parking spaces by 2020. This shortage will be covered by the 256-space parking structure at High and Gaines and new parking lots built west of Gaines and at the St. Vincent’s Center.

14 Parking (cont.)

15 Other Improvements Buildings needing significant renovation: – Ambrose Hall – Le Claire Hall – Davis Hall – Galvin Fine Arts Center Buildings needing some renovation: – PE Center and Lee Lohman Arena – Lewis Hall – Hayes Hall – Cosgrove Hall – Bookstore

16 Other Improvements (cont.) The University also plans to add more ornamental fencing around the perimeter of campus. This will serve a dual role of providing security and requiring students and others to enter and exit campus at cross walks and other designated areas. Adequate buffering (trees, plants and berms) will also be added around all new parking lots and buildings. The University would also like to add a new monument sign at the corner of Lombard and Gaines Streets.

17 Storm Water Management Future Improvements will meet the City of Davenport Storm Water Control Ordinance Conceptually looking at underground detention for future parking lots between Gaines and Brown Streets and the 256-space parking structure These detention areas will store the 100-year storm event and release at the 5-year existing runoff release rate Maintain Green Space in Central Campus and use as storm water detention area

18 Traffic Impact Study A Traffic Study is not required by the City of Davenport Traffic Engineer. Locust Street, east of Brady Street, has automobile traffic of 19,100 vehicles on a daily basis. West of Brady Street the number is 17,200. Harrison Street, north of Locust Street, has automobile traffic of 19,300 vehicles on a daily basis, and 11,900 vehicles south of Locust Street on a daily basis. The enrollment growth the University is planning through 2020 will not significantly impact these counts.

19 Thank You Questions and Comments.

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