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Recent Bond Accomplishments. Bordeaux Elementary Remodel.

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1 Recent Bond Accomplishments

2 Bordeaux Elementary Remodel

3 New Evergreen Elementary

4 New Olympic Middle School

5 Upgrades to CHOICE School

6 New 40-year roof New windows New carpet in office and classrooms Hallways and office re-lamped with T-8 technology New ADA compliant restrooms New ADA compliant rear entry with elevator and foyer

7 Upgrades to Shelton High School

8 Some new HVAC units New seating, lights and sound in auditorium New 40-year roof on stadium New, more effective and efficient lighting in gym New, quieter and more efficient HVAC system in gym

9 Upgrades to Shelton HS (cont) New, hardwood gym floor New, more efficient gas boilers for heating swimming pool New, more effective ventilation system for swimming pool New swimming pool back wall and roof New deduct water meter Installation of full natural gas capacity

10 Upgrades at Mt. View Elementary

11 Parking and traffic improvements: - safer, more efficient traffic flow - new student drop off area - additional parking Site improvements: - improved field drainage - retention pond - better storm water management

12 Upgrades at Mt. View (cont) Safety improvements: - improved fire loop - additional fire hydrant - new breezeway and playshed Interior and exterior paint

13 Other Bond Accomplishments: Purchased Administrative Services Building Purchased Maintenance Facility Demolished Angle Education Center Purchased portables at all 3 elementary schools

14 Current Facility Needs

15 Mt. View Elementary Complete modernization of school: -New heating and ventilating system -Upgraded restrooms -Improve kitchen facilities -Increase natural light / add windows -New interior finishes -Upgraded exterior finishes

16 Mt. View Elementary (cont) Additional space to connect library building to main building Relocate administration office to west end by new parking lot - New main entry to building Complete modernization of annex

17 Mt. View Elementary (cont)

18 Shelton High School Replace buildings 300, 400, 500, 600 and 700 with 57,000 sq. ft. of new building Demolish buildings 300, 400, 500, 600 and 700 The new building would connect remaining buildings 100, 200, 1100 and 1200 to make a single school structure Buildings 100, 200, 1100 and 1200 would be modernized

19 Shelton High School (cont) The single structure would enhance student safety and staff supervision The new structure would be built completely outside the airport no-fly zone Gym building and shop building would be completely modernized Increase parking facilities Provide for future school expansion

20 Shelton High School (cont)

21 Shelton High School Athletic Needs Build new visitor bleachers 1,200 seats covered seating press box Build visitor ticket booth / concession stands / restrooms Remodel restrooms and concessions below existing grandstands and add new area for locker rooms and offices

22 Shelton HS Athletic Needs (cont) Provide new artificial turf football / soccer field Replace existing track surface

23 CHOICE School Provide new heating / ventilating system Improve electrical system Replace P.A. system Improve water piping Remodel kitchen and add area to increase size New kitchen equipment

24 CHOICE School (cont) Improve lighting and sound system in auditorium Provide operable wall at stage to create additional teaching space Provide science lab classroom Provide manufacture classroom

25 Transportation Facility Remodel existing garage and 4 service bays Increase bus parking area Remodel existing office space Add on to office space to provide Larger staff meeting room More restroom fixtures Improved office layout

26 Administrative Services Building Improve heating / ventilating system

27 Maintenance Facility Demolish existing unused outer buildings Build a 3,000 sq. ft. addition to existing metal building Remodel existing metal building, shop and office areas Create a lobby / entrance area with elevator to second floor

28 Maintenance Facility (cont) Improve parking Improve site security Lighting Fencing Electronic locks


30 Mountain View Elementary Modernization & Addition Shelton High School New-in-Lieu & Modernization Shelton High School Athletic Needs CHOICE School Remodel Technology Upgrades Administrative Services Building Upgrades New Elementary School #4 Maintenance Building Transportation Facility

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