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FBCLS Facilities Master Plan September 14, 2014. Future Planning Team Dave Esely Sheryl Franke Bud Hertzog Blake McKinney Wendell Shaffer Sara Taylor.

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1 FBCLS Facilities Master Plan September 14, 2014

2 Future Planning Team Dave Esely Sheryl Franke Bud Hertzog Blake McKinney Wendell Shaffer Sara Taylor Ryan Weaver Suzanne Wiley Jeff Wilke Team Members

3 Future Planning Team Fall 2012 – First Meeting Spring 2013 – Requested proposals from 5 architecture firms Summer 2013 – Selected Mantel Teter architects Summer 2014 – Draft of master plan Fall 2014 – Finalize master plan Timeline

4 What is the Master Plan Identifies needs Proposes potential improvements Prioritizes improvements Will be flexible over time Phased Improvement plan for FBCLS facilities considering short-term and long-term priorities.

5 Data Collection Survey completed for FBCLS property Church staff provided data to architects o Building plans o Historical church membership o Attendance figures o Sunday morning room schedules o Annual budgets o Parking stall counts Architects used programming tools to analyze our data

6 Analysis Results Parking is our biggest need Sanctuary is just over 50% full at 9:45 worship service We have adequate classroom space for our current number of classes Growth projections indicate shortfall of Nursery and Children's space in the future Architects complimented our church’s financial position and our generous missions offering

7 Dream Day Interviews Architects conducted interviews with ministry leaders in Fall 2013. o FBCLS Staff o Senior Adults o Children’s Ministry o Youth Ministry o Worship leaders o Young Adults and College Ministry o Discipleship Leaders o Properties Team o Future Planning Team

8 What We Heard Desire for church to remain on site Need more parking What to do with the Annex Need more storage Youth need a better space Need a playground Parts of children's area are dated Children’s auditorium for Sundays Security is a concern, especially in Children’s area Lobby and hallways are congested between worship More open gathering space Gym is tight on space and needs repairs Sanctuary platform is crowded Inadequate office space for staff

9 FBCLS Master Plan - Renovation

10 East Main Street Parking Adds 39 angle and parallel parking spaces along city street Requires a small retaining wall between the angle parking and the parking lot Budget estimate – $150,000

11 Playground / Remove Annex Annex has significant maintenance needs Basement of the annex is not functional space Playground serves children’s recreation and VBS Outward sign that FBCLS is committed to children’s ministry Budget estimate – $100,000

12 Children’s Ministry Security enhancements Create children’s worship venue New low maintenance flooring New furnishings New decorations or themes Update restrooms Budget estimate – $300,000

13 Sanctuary / Platform Open up larger, more flexible platform space Sound System and Lighting upgrades Convert Library to Offices Budget estimate – $300,000

14 Youth Ministry Remodel basement of the Gym Create a place that youth can have as their own Provide ability for classroom spaces and large spaces New furnishings Budget estimate – $250,000

15 Gymnasium New multi-purpose flooring Create a stage for events Provide for proper acoustics with ceiling and wall materials Budget estimate – $350,000

16 Lobby / Foyer Create welcoming and inviting space for interactions Relieve some congestion between services Opportunities to create new spaces o Coffee Bar o Library Nook o Information / Sign-up Center Would eliminate the Chapel Budget estimate – $500,000

17 Expand Parking Lot – East of Douglas St. Adds 50 parking spaces to existing lot Will require landscaping and storm water detention Eliminates house and barber shop Budget estimate – $250,000

18 Renovation Plan Summary Phase 1 - $550,000 o East Main Street Additional Parking o New Playground / Remove Annex o Children’s Ministry Improvements Phase 2 - $300,000 o Sanctuary / Platform Improvements o Convert Library to Office Space Phase 3 - $600,000 o Youth Ministry / Gymnasium Improvements Phase 4 - $500,000 o Lobby / Foyer Improvements Phase 5 - $250,000 o Expand Parking Lot East of Douglas Street

19 Future Expansion Possibilities We cannot address all our needs within our current facility Different expansion areas were considered o East of Douglas o South onto 1 st Street o West into parking lot Expansion is long term plan, driven by our rate of growth

20 FBCLS Master Plan - Expansion

21 Future Expansion Long-Term Solution The best location for expansion Increases building area by as much as 31% Improves circulation and accessibility Completes facility renovation Difficult to construct; inconvenient Budget estimate – $6 Million to $9 Million

22 Next Steps Meet with City Planning and Development staff Finalize the master plan Schematic Design of Phase 1 projects Identify possible funding sources Finalize Design of Phase 1 projects Begin construction of Phase 1 projects

23 Summary Master plan is a flexible, phased plan to address the needs of FBCLS facilities Renovation plans should be implemented first o Addresses immediate needs of FBCLS o Allows us to optimize our space and continue to grow Total renovation budget estimate is approximately $2.2 Million Renovation improvement projects can be phased over time When we outgrow our facility, the best location to expand would be in place of the Administration building and potentially the Education building

24 Questions

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