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2 Why?  Kids who participate in youth sports/activities  Healthier adults  Higher academic achievement  Better employees  More likely to attend college  Less likely to be sexually active as teens, use drugs, suffer from depression  Less likely to commit crimes in the community  Benefit to the Community  Increased revenue for current businesses  Attraction for new business opportunities (hotels, restaurants, retail, etc.)  Community more attractive to new residence  Brings community pride (similar to the new high school)

3 Another Big Reason  New Harrison will effect current use of facilities and community groups  South Valley youth and adult  Pop Warner  Club Soccer  H.S. Softball

4 Idea  Multi Sport Turf Facility  Soccer fields  Football fields  Fast pitch softball/little league fields  H.S. sized baseball field  Fitness Complex  Pool (Possible)  Field(s) include  Turf  Lights  Scoreboards  Seating  Bathrooms  Concession




8 Benefits  Baseball  Inclement weather proof facility on campus  Only H.S. facility between Medford and Portland with turf  Rental income  Spring and Summer Tournaments can be held  Outfield can be used in fall for soccer/football practice and games (youth level)  Softball  Removes program from new Harrison elementary grounds  Improves safety for elementary and commuting high school kids  Provides 2 fields for playing Varsity and J.V. on same site  Also provides rental and tournament opportunities  Soccer  2-3 turfed soccer fields with scoreboards (Not counting White Stadium)  SVA youth and adult leagues can play  Host youth tourneys on 3-4 field

9 Benefits (Cont.)  Football  Extra turf facility when stadium is used  Ability to host Pop Warner and 7 on 7 events on 3-4 fields  SVA softball/Little League  2 possible fields (maybe 3 with baseball facility)  Host Tournaments  Handle inclement weather  Pool (If we choose to construct a new pool)  Puts CGHS programs back on campus  Great parking  Other sports and activities  Lacrosse  City events

10 Fitness Center  Reason  Gym does not have a classroom or meeting space for inter-gender sports (Track, Swim, CC, Wrestling, Cheer)  Idea  Convert current fitness center into multi-purpose room  Build a 3500-5000 square foot fitness center south of the auxiliary gym  Benefit  Classroom  Provides supervision of women’s locker room  Meeting space for events and community groups  Provides a better physical education learning environment for students and teachers  Better security for gym building

11 Economic Effect  School District  Rental fees between $5000-$20,000 a year for turf fields from non community groups  Tournaments  OSAA Playoffs  Sponsorship Opportunities  Kendall: $10,000-$15,000 per scoreboard  Tournament concessions will help fund programs  Community  Brings $2.5-$4 million per year in visitor revenue  Based on study by James Madison University  Average family spends $705 at a multi day event  Travel sports (soccer, softball, baseball, etc.)  Increased foot traffic downtown  Community business owners make more so they spend more  Expect projected 18% yearly growth in event participation from ages 4-24

12 Project Cost(Not Counting Pool)  Figures are approximate & on the high side  Turf Field Excavation and Installation: $3.5 million  With Community Sports Grant: $1.25 million (Savings of $2.25 million)  Renovation of fitness center into classroom: $50,000  Fitness Center: $800,000  Scoreboard $60,000  Lights: $400,000  Restrooms: $75,000  Concessions: $50,000  Total Estimated Costs: $5 Million ($2.75 million with the Comm. Sports Grant)

13 Possible Issues  Pool construction costs  Renovate vs. Build  Replacement costs for turf  Considerable less than installation  Facility Fees  Possible Cell Tower/partnerships  Corporate Sponsor  Partner with city  Youth Sports grants  Selling this portion of the bond to the community  Not a “sport’s complex”  Needed replacement and upgrades to facilities  At a once in a lifetime cost

14 CMH Field in Astoria Opened in Fall 2014  Cost: $7.5 Million  Where we can save  No Methane cap ($1.5 million)  Less excavation  No grandstand  No locker rooms  No Power infrastructure  Considerably less pavement needs


16 Madison Sports Complex (New Jersey) Opened in 2011  Cost: $3.75-$4.5 Million  Baseball, Softball, Football, Soccer  Rental Fee for Non Residents: $125 per hour  Rental Fee for Residents: $25 Per Game


18 Conclusion If we add this to the bond  Strengthen local support for the bond  Continuing to be ahead of the curve in terms of facilities  Increasing ability to attract outside events and people  Provide much needed facilities to youth, high school and adult organizations  Expanding hours of operation and terms of use (weather)  Positive impact to economy, community pride, community attractiveness  Strengthen our image as the best community to live, work and play If we do not add to the bond  Loss of opportunity for 25-30 years  Loss valuable field space for youth, high school, and adult leagues  Diminished capacity to host outside events  Continue to keep high school spring sports off site  No positive impact to local business economy  Less productive youth opportunities

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