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Future 7 th Grade Registration North Ridge Middle School.

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1 Future 7 th Grade Registration North Ridge Middle School

2 What Classes Do I have to take next year?  English  Reading  Math  Social Studies  Science Elective Choices (year long class = 2 semesters of electives)

3 Regular Classes or Pre – Advanced Placement Classes Pre-Advanced Placement Classes: Courses are more challenging Take more time Increased Reading load Sophisticated writing assignments and projects

4 PAP Math Class PAP Math Sequence:  7 th PAP Math is a COMPACTED course that COMBINES 7 th and 8 th grade math  8 th is Algebra I (This is a high school credit class) Entering PAP Math for 7 th grade has a requirement: *STAAR Scores will determine if you continue on the Pre- Advanced Placement track for math. The district will set cut off scores in May that will determine your placement.

5 PAP Math Class BISD recommends for advanced math, students should score in the Level III – Advanced Academic Performance category on the 6 th grade STAAR math test. Students scoring in this area will move on to 7 th grade PAP math. Students scoring above 70% to Level III on the 6 th grade STAAR math test will move on to 7 th grade PAP math, but parents and students must sign a contract. Students scoring below 70% on the STAAR math test will move to 7th grade on level math. (Cut-off percentages are subject to change once we receive the STAAR scores for the Spring 2015 STAAR test)

6 BLOCKED MATH CLASS *On level math class will be blocked for the 2015- 2016 school year for 7 th grade students. This means that students will have 2 class periods of math. *PAP math class will be for only one class period.

7 Electives

8 Electives – Year Long Athletics Competitive team sports requiring time involvement outside the school day. Physical is required ($) Boys – Football, Basketball, Cross Country, and Track Girls – Volleyball, Basketball, Cross Country, and Track

9 Boys Athletics No off season for Football – Everyone Plays If I only want to play: Basketball – Everyone is welcome to tryout for basketball. Tryouts will be before/after school. If you make the team a schedule change will be made. Cross Country – Everyone is welcome to tryout for cross country. Practice is before and after school. No schedule change needed. Track – Everyone is welcome to tryout for track. If you make the team a schedule change will be made.

10 Electives – Year Long Gymnastics/ Tennis – Competitive classes offered before 1 st period at the Shannon Center for gymnastics and the Richland Tennis Center for tennis. Parents are responsible for transportation to those facilities. Bus service from the facility to campus provided by the district. Tryouts required. Physical Education – Need two semesters of PE or Athletics in the 7 th grade. Cost for uniform. The study of physical fitness to help improve and maintain physical fitness levels of students.

11 Electives – Year Long Band *Play self-owned or school-rented instruments *Private lessons are also offered ($) *Practice time & some extra curricular time is a requirement *Cost for performance attire *Students will be placed into a band *Sectionals before and after school are required *Concerts are mandatory

12 Electives – Year Long Choir *Learn fundamental vocal technique and music theory *Some extracurricular time is required outside the school day for concerts *Private lessons are also offered ($) *Cost for performance attire and choir shirt *Concerts are mandatory

13 Electives – Year Long or Semester Theatre – Students learn the mechanics of stage production and actually perform in a play.

14 Electives – One Semester Career Tech Education (Wood Shop) – Students learn to operate machinery. Design and construct projects. Introductory class ($) for materials.

15 Electives – Year Long or Semester Art – Introductory class for those students who have never taken Art before. Small cost for art supplies.

16 Gateway to Technology One Semester ½ Credit for High School Engineering Class Gateway to Tech 1: Design & Modeling/Automation & Robotics (GTT 1)– Introduction to the engineering design process and tools used. Model mechanical systems, energy transfer, machine automation and computer control systems.

17 Computer Class On Semester Introduction to the keyboarding and computer settings with hands-on activities such as draw/paint, desktop publishing, and multi-media presentations

18 NRMS Semester Classes Semester Classes Are: *Offered in the fall or spring semester. Have a “Bank” class to go along with it. *Bank classes are taught the same class period but different semester. For Example: A student might take art the fall semester and theatre the spring semester. These two classes are considered “BANK” classes.

19 Bank Classes of NRMS These classes will be “Banked” together for the 2015-216 School Year: Woodshop and Theatre Art and Woodshop Computer Class and Art

20 REMEMBER ELECTIVES ARE… *Not guaranteed – they are requests *Based on class size *might not fit into your schedule

21 When do I return the form? Return your registration form to your Math Teacher by Monday, February 23, 2015. All forms and this PowerPoint can be found on the North Ridge Middle School Website: Click on Counselors’ Corner Click Future 7 th Graders

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