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St. Ambrose University Neighborhood Relations Council Bi-Annual Update Meeting September 29, 2014.

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1 St. Ambrose University Neighborhood Relations Council Bi-Annual Update Meeting September 29, 2014

2 Update Meeting Agenda Welcome – Sr. Joan Lescinski, CSJ, President Review of Agenda – Tim Phillips City Programs Report – Eric Larson, Angela Foht, and Sgt. Dennis Colclasure St. Ambrose Initiatives Update – Tim Phillips Neighborhood Relations Council Update – Kris Woodard, Chairperson Questions

3 Community Services Division Public Works Department City of Davenport Iowa


5 Strategy for Code Enforcement efforts The City of Davenport is approximately 101,000+ in population – The City has and will continue to provide fair and consistent code enforcement throughout the community – In our efforts to do so we respond to nearly 15,000 complaints annually

6 Staffing of the department Staffing – 8 Code Enforcement Officers II (rental, debris etc.) – 2 clerks – 2 Code Enforcement Officers I (parking enforcement) – 1 attorney – 1 superintendent

7 Rental Inspection Process Over 18,000 rental units are registered with the City of Davenport – Annually over 6,000 of the units are inspected – Some units are looked at on a yearly basis: These are the properties that are not well maintained or have become nuisance properties – Others are looked at over various cycles: 2 year, 4 year or 6 year cycles

8 Parking violations

9 Parking Issues The City of Davenport regulates parking on City streets and municipal parking lots Many of the violations stem from complaints by neighbors or passersby

10 Parking Issues etc. Most frequently ticketed items: – Parked illegally Handicap spot Facing wrong direction Fire Hydrant blocked Resident Parking only (St. Ambrose neighborhood) – Timed parking Downtown business district Residential parking (24 hours)

11 Parking Appeals As with any violation the opportunity to appeal a ticket is simple: – Go online and fill out a form – Visit City Hall to fill out a form

12 Questions Contact information: Community Services Division/Public Works Department 1200 E 46 th St. Davenport, Iowa 52807 563 326-7746

13 St. Ambrose University Initiatives Updates Since February, 2014

14 Residential Capacity Fall 13: Unofficial Fall 14: ▫1699 contracts1681 contracts ▫1702 bed capacity1728 bed capacity ▫67 % of 2529 UG68 % of 2479UG ▫20 th dayas of Fall 20 th day Fall 14 contracts released: 37 ▫Fall 13 contracts released: 25 ▫FY retention 77% ▫Enrollment Data available:

15 Fall Parking Availability Managing lot usage to accommodate demand: ▫Zone 1 – 643 spaces [R 1.1] = 697 permits sold ▫Zone 2 – 552 spaces [R 1.1] = 555 permits sold ▫Zone 3* – 98 spaces [R 1.0] = 48 issued [free] *Shuttle runs as requested from Zone 3  Receiving letters from neighbors who have allowed students to park in front of their homes  Currently conducting lot surveys  Fewer passes sold and less car movement

16 Parking Oversight Require all students to register vehicles ▫City will look up vehicles of concern Communications to students to use our lots We monitor on-street parking and continue to encourage student use of lots Reporting illegal parking on streets to City Zone 2 and Rogalski Faculty Staff lots are available for general use from 3 p.m. – 7 a.m. Working closely with the city to address issues

17 City Resources To address General Concerns: center.egov?view=form;page=1;id=118 To address Illegally Parked Vehicles: /center.egov?view=form&page=1&id=33

18 Citibus Ridership 31,802 rides during the 2013-14 academic year 12,398 on routes 2, 15, and 22 19,404 rides on other routes 18,974 rides during the 2012-13 academic year Up from 14,719 the year before 7,740 on routes 2, 15, and 22 11,234 rides on other routes

19 Property Acquisition LocationIntended Use Eye Care Pavilion Administrative 603 W. Locust Student housing 615 W. LocustStudent housing 619 W. Locust Student housing 625 W. Locust Student housing 629 W. Locust Student housing 542 W. 17 Street Storage

20 Adler House Improvements Approved Feb. 28, 2013 for special use permit Purpose to house special programs, such as honors, faculty enrichment, and Center for Teaching Excellence Condition – required make annual improvements of $10-20,000 Improvements to date include: ▫Remove carpet, refinish wooden floors = $2,400 ▫Sidewalk replacement = $1,944 ▫New windows = $11,872 + $12,000 labor Projects for this year yet to be determined

21 Upcoming Main Campus Work Eye Care Pavilion – Admissions and Welcome Center ▫Will close in March 2015 ▫Primary interior work ▫Slight exterior work, including new windows ▫Fencing along Locust Street extended to corner ▫Sign [TBD] to identify added on the corner

22 Neighborhood Relations Council Updates

23 Neighborhood Relations Council Future Meeting Dates: Monday, October 13 Thursday, November 13 Monday, December 15 Thursday, January 15, 2015 Monday, February 16 Thursday, March 19 Monday, April 20 Thursday, May 21

24 Vision The vision of the NRC is to create a model for communication, innovation, conflict resolution, service response, neighborhood stability and University operation through a spirit of mutual regard and respect for all individuals in their living, learning and work environments. (Approved 12/10/08) The mission of the NRC is to build positive relationships among the City of Davenport, St. Ambrose University and the neighbors directly surrounding the main campus toward management of the University’s growth and improvement of the quality of life for the surrounding neighborhoods. (Approved 12/10/08) Mission

25 Questions? Upcoming St. Ambrose Dates: October 10Fall Break November 2Bee the Difference Day November 24-28Thanksgiving Break December 8-12Finals Week December 13Winter Commencement

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