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The Rise of Christianity

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1 The Rise of Christianity

2 Jesus Attracts Followers
Causes: Word spread that he had performed healing miracles Many people believed that he was the messiah Effects: Chief Jewish priests see Jesus as a troublemaker Jesus was the crucified

3 Christianity Spreads Effects: Causes:
Christianity became separate from Judaism Christianity started on the road to becoming a world religion Causes: Paul spreads the teaching of Jesus to Jews & non-Jews Christian ethics & belief in the equality & dignity of all brought widespread support

4 Church Gains Power Causes: Effects:
Clergy, such as bishops, gained power w/ in the hierarchy of the church The pope began to claim authority over all the bishops Effects: Disputes led to a split resulting in an eastern & western church The Roman Catholic Church became the leading religion in medieval Europe

5 Ch 1 sec 4 Review Questions Principles of Christianity

6 Peter was an ____, close follower of Jesus.
Rome had a long history of ___, or acceptance, of other religions. ___ spread the teaching of Jesus to non-Jews. Christian ___ perform religious ceremonies. Christians believe that Jesus was the ___ a savior sent by God. Explain why Jesus upset some of the Jewish authorities? Christians fulfill their covenant w/ God w/ this.

7 8. Why did the Romans persecute/harass early Christians. 9
8. Why did the Romans persecute/harass early Christians? 9. An achievement of Thomas Aquinas was, to do ___________? 10. In what part of the world did Jesus live & carried out his message? (book pg 34) 11. How is the Judeo-Christian tradition linked to the democratic traditions? (book pg 39)

8 Answers 3 pts each /33

9 Apostle Tolerance Paul Clergy Messiah Jesus interpreted Jewish beliefs in new ways Their faith in Jesus Romans suspected Christians of disloyalty He declared that faith & reason exist in harmony

10 10. Galilee & Judea or Palestine or Middle East
11. The Jewish & Christian moral & ethical principles form the basis for many democratic ideals such as equality & human rights

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