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AIM: Can religious ideas endanger the state?

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1 AIM: Can religious ideas endanger the state?
Do-Now: Christianity “Quiz” handout.

2 Quiz Answers C A D 6. C 7. B C A

3 12 Tables/Law of Nations Roman law is one of the most enduring contributions to Western Civilization 12 Tables displayed for all to see 450 BCE As Rome expanded its borders, it had to deal with many different peoples’ customs in the Empire. Law of Nations: Roman Law was expanded to protect all citizens equally under the law.

4 Augustus ruled 31 BCE to 14 CE
Setting the Scene Augustus ruled 31 BCE to 14 CE Rome tolerated various religions, to a point Romans controlled Palestine Jewish rebellion starting 66 CE Jews driven out 135 CE Waiting for the Messiah (savior sent by God)

5 Jesus of Nazareth Why do we know about Jesus?
His disciples (followers) wrote the gospels (or “good news”) to tell his story Born a Jew near Bethlehem Worked as a carpenter & at 30 began teaching and preaching in public

6 The Romans Wherever Jesus went he attracted followers and crowds
Roman authorities found his teachings troubling & Jewish leaders felt threatened Found guilty of treason and sentenced to be crucified by Pontius Pilate Became a martyr (important symbol, from Greek word “to testify”)

7 Crucifixion

8 What Happened Next Rumors spread that Jesus rose from the dead after 3 days & ascended to Heaven Disciples believed he was the Messiah but most Jews did not accept Jesus Paul spread Jesus’ beliefs to gentiles one of the first missionaries (spreading religious ideas), claimed Jesus was the Son of God Christianity spread throughout the Roman Empire

9 In Rome 30 years after Jesus’ death, Nero ruled
Blamed Christians for fire in Rome Persecution: Martyrs became first saints Both Peter and Paul were killed under Nero

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