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Judaism and Christianity

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1 Judaism and Christianity
Ch. 1 Sec. 3 & 4

2 Judaism

3 Jewish Teachings The Israelites were monotheistic, meaning they believed in one God. They believed that God had made a covenant, or promise/ binding agreement, with Abraham and his descendants The Torah = first five books of Bible. Prophets of Israel preached a strong code of ethics, or moral standards of behavior.

4 Positive and Negative Events
A man named Abraham founds the nation of Israel. A man named Moses eventually leads his people in their exodus, or escape, from Egypt. Negative Famine Forced Israelites to migrate to Egypt, where they spent 400 years as enslaved workers. The nation of Israel is divided in Canaan by twelve separate tribes feuding.

5 Positive and Negative Events
David unites the Israelite tribes into a single kingdom. Soloman turned Jerusalem into impressive capital and built splendid temple. Negative Revolts begin after Soloman’s death, split kingdom. Assyrians and Babyloninans invade. At the end of captivity from Babylon, the diaspora, or scattering of the Jews, begins.

6 Christianity

7 Life of Jesus At 30, Jesus begins preaching and word of his miracles attracts large crowds. His teachings are rooted in Jewish tradition. He taught about the need for justice, morality, and service to others. Taught followers to “Love your neighbor as yourself” His disciples would carry on his teachings after his death.

8 Jesus Attracts Followers
Causes At age 30 Jesus begins preaching. To help him in his mission he chose twelve apostles (followers) Word spreads that he had performed miracles of healing. Effects Jesus regarded as a troublemaker One disciple betrays Jesus and he is put on trial and crucified.

9 Christianity Spreads Causes
Paul, a missionary after Jesus’ death, journeys around the Mediterranean. He set up churches from Jerusalem to Rome. Christian ethics, belief equality and dignity bring widespread support. Effects Roman persecution ends when Constantine allows freedom of worship to all citizens. Christianity started on road to becoming world religion.

10 Church Gains Power Causes
Clergy, such as bishops begin gaining power within hierarchy of the church. The bishop of Rome eventually becomes the leader of the Church and is known as the Pope. Effects Schools to train clergy eventually become the worlds first universities. Roman Catholic Church becomes leading medieval institution in Europe.

11 Judeo-Christian Tradition
Christianity is still a major world religion. Judaism, although not as widely practiced, is still considered a major world religion. These two religions are major cultural foundations of Western civilization. Many of our beliefs about fair treatment and justice come from these traditions.

12 Writing Hellenistic civilization, the Greco-Roman civilization, and the Judeo-Christian tradition all contributed to the democratic tradition. How did each of these contribute to democracy?

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