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Heriot Watt University Athena SWAN Open Session 28 March 2013.

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1 Heriot Watt University Athena SWAN Open Session 28 March 2013

2 Presentation outline  Overview of Athena SWAN  HWU Approach  Athena SWAN Survey  Action Plan  Questions & Discussion

3 Athena SWAN - Why  “It is the right thing to do.”  RCUK expect those in receipt of Research Council funding to provide evidence of participation in schemes such as Athena SWAN

4 Athena SWAN – Principles  To address gender inequalities requires commitment and action from everyone, at all levels of the organisation  To tackle the unequal representation of women in science requires changing cultures and attitudes across the organisation

5 Athena SWAN – Principles  The absence of diversity at management and policy-making levels has broad implications which the organisation will examine  The high loss rate of women in science is an urgent concern which the organisation will address

6 Athena SWAN Bronze Award Application Step 1: Initiative mapping Identify data requirements Allocate work packages Step 2: Identify priority issues – what does the data tells us? Map issues to existing initiatives & identify gaps Step 3: File notification of intent to submit Headline findings Develop prioritised initiatives Draft Action Plan Step 4: Create final draft of Award Submission and Action Plan University Executive sign off Dec 2012 Jan 2013 Feb 2013 Apr 2013 Step 5: SUBMIT Mar 2013

7 Athena SWAN Self- Assessment Team  Drawn from across the University  Membership from Research Associate to Professorial level and from Professional Services  Includes representatives from Senior Management  Charged with producing the Submission and then implementation of the Action Plan

8 Athena SWAN Survey Profiling Headline info  54% return rate from target staff group  Highest return from lectures (21%) and professors (20%)  EPS highest School return (25%) and then SML (20%) – shows the need to ensure we embed the Athena Principles  89% from the Edinburgh Campus – but returns across all campuses  56% responses from men – overall c75% of our academic staff are male could be a buy-in issue

9 Athena SWAN Survey Profiling Headline info  Age range of respondents largely mirrors HWU  As with recent HWU Census more respondents classified themselves as having a disability than central records show (just under 14% of respondents)  Also mirroring the HWU Census a high proportion identified caring responsibilities outwith work - 49%

10 Athena SWAN Survey Perception  Only 27% of men and 19% of women agreed that the progression of female academics is a HWU priority  61% men and 56% women agreed that HWU encourages a supportive working environment  63% men and 75% women agreed that HWU accommodates flexibility in the how individuals work.  Issues raised around effective communication with academic staff

11 Athena SWAN Survey Perception  53% men and 50% of women felt valued as part of HWU  58% men and 43% women felt valued as part of their School  74% men and 67% women felt valued as part of their Department

12 Understanding of Athena SWAN  41% men and 46% women aware of Athena  Mixed picture of who benefits from Athena – 16% men and 11% women agreed it was only about women  61% men and 55% women knew HWU had been involved in Athena before  74% men and 66% women agreed Athena as positive  35% men and 40% women agreed Athena would benefit them

13 Suggested activities and male/female likely uptake Activity Men Women Mentoring60%69% Coaching54%61% Leadership initiatives66%69% Gender based networking13%47% Gender equality symposiums33%43% Career transition27%56% Virtual networking32%54% Promotions workshops63%66% Career and personal development workshops52%79% HWU Governance workshops41%39% Capacity building for committees/boards workshops50%47% Work-life balance Workshops29%30%

14 Conclusions for the SAT  Mixed picture between men and women core work required on: o Perception issues with HWU prioritising of academic career progression o Communication with academic staff o Women feeling valued within their Department o Some differences in the kind of activities that men and women would like to take part in o Need to be consistent in demonstrating the benefit of Athena SWAN

15 Questions/Discussion

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