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Encouraging Women into Engineering Research in Europe.

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1 Encouraging Women into Engineering Research in Europe.
The Transition to Aston- enhancing the learning experience for first year students with a focus on local and mature students, Amanda Ingleby & Baljit Gill Encouraging Women into Engineering Research in Europe. What initiatives work? Professor Alison Halstead Pro Vice Chancellor Strategic Academic Developments Global Education Dialogues: The Asia Series August 9-10, 2012 Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam 21st International Conference on the First-Year Experience, June 2008

2 The Challenge. European Commission: She Figures, 2009
The Challenge. European Commission: She Figures, Getting off the sticky floor!

3 Conclusions from the 2009 She Figures
The % of women is the smallest at the top of the academic hierarchy PhD situation slightly better but given the fact the more women than men graduate without proactive policies change will remain slow The gender pay gap is still a major EU concern. There is no country in the She figures where women's wages are equal to men’s wages, despite universal legalisation to impose equality!! Official measure of gap stood at 25% in the EU-27 in 2006

4 Athena Swan – Enabling Women’s career progression – A UK initiative
The Athena SWAN Charter recognises and celebrates good employment practice for women working in science, engineering and technology (SET) in higher education and research.  Aston University Athena Swan Team Pro Vice Chancellor (Executive) Executive Dean (EAS) Head of Group (EAS) Staff Development Equality and Diversity Officer Professor (Life and Health) Lecturer (Life and Health) Lecturer (Engineering)

5 Aston University, Birmingham, UK
Students: 10,000 Engineering and Applied Sciences Life and Health Sciences Business School Languages and Social Sciences 80% of all courses include an internship Top 5 for Graduate Employment Executive decision to review progress of women

6 A review of the top University Committees
2005 male 2005 female 2012 male 2012 female Vice Chancellor Male until 2006 Female from 2006 Female from 2006 to date Executive Team 11 1 6

7 What did the benchmarking in Engineering at Aston University tell us?

8 A review of promotions in Engineering

9 What have we done Increase the internal and external profile of female academics that contribute to National or International Events. Continue to encourage and support women to apply for senior roles and promotions – by clarifying the criteria and opportunities for all Pilot a new mentoring scheme for women in Science and Engineering to support these activities and involve undergraduate, postgraduate students

10 Successful initiatives in practice
It is clear that policies without accountability and enforcement measures are not enough Collaboration Networking Sharing, Everyone working together in a mutually beneficial way Brings about progress but change is slow!

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