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Welcome Kindergarten Knights!. Arrival Procedures School begins at 7:55 a.m. every morning. Your child needs to be in the classroom at this time or they.

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1 Welcome Kindergarten Knights!

2 Arrival Procedures School begins at 7:55 a.m. every morning. Your child needs to be in the classroom at this time or they will be counted tardy. Students may begin arriving at 7:30, but must report to the cafeteria. A teacher will be on duty in the cafeteria to supervise those arriving early. A kindergarten teacher will pick up all kindergartners from the cafeteria at 7:45. Students arriving after 7:45 may come directly to their classrooms. ***Parents will not be able to walk their children to the classroom after Wednesday of the first week of school!

3 Dismissal CAR RIDERS: You will be provided a color-coded card with your child’s name to be used for dismissal in the carpool lane. Please place this card in the bottom right corner of the front windshield. Please stay in your car and someone will assist your child into the car. Children will only be loaded on the passenger side of the car. PARK AND PICK UP/ WALKERS: You will be able to park and pick up your child. We will dismiss from the side office door (closest to kindergarten rooms). KIDS CLUB: Students will be escorted to the ****Gym**** by Kids Club staff. BUS RIDERS/DAYCARE: Students will be supervised in the cafeteria while waiting to load the bus. ***PLEASE LET US KNOW IN WRITING IF THERE ARE ANY CHANGES IN DISMISSAL!

4 Our Kindergarten Day (sample schedule) 7:45-8:00Arrive and unpack 8:00-8:15Announcements/Morning Work 8:15-8:45Morning Meeting 8:45-9:00Reading Mini Lesson 9:00-10:00Daily 5 10:00-11:00 Writer’s Workshop 11:00-11:30 Lunch 11:35-12:30Math 12:35-1:20Specials 1:25-1:45Snack/Pack Up 1:45-2:15Castle 2:20-2:45Recess 2:50Dismissal

5 Specials Schedule ColeEspositoSavitch Monday: MusicMonday: ArtMonday: PE Tuesday: PETuesday: PETuesday: Art Wednesday: ArtWednesday: MusicWednesday: PE Thursday: PEThursday: PEThursday: Music Friday: All classes will participate in Fitness Friday ***On PE days and every Friday your child will need to wear socks and tennis shoes to school. We DON’T have time to change shoes before PE. ***

6 Dress We recommend choosing comfortable clothing that is appropriate for physical activities, art, and the weather. It is recommended that girls wearing dresses or skirts wear a pair of shorts underneath. Spaghetti strap shirts are not allowed. Please NO Crocs, flip flops, or sandals on PE days. Please place a complete change of clothes (including socks and underwear) in a Ziploc baggie to be left in your child’s backpack in case of an accident. Fridays are school spirit days at Norton. Students and teachers are encouraged to wear Norton Knights/ Allen Eagles Spirit shirts. We suggest you keep a light jacket in your child’s backpack on a daily basis.

7 Folders Each child will be issued a Norton Knight EVERYDAY FOLDER. This will contain conduct reports, daily work, and communication between parent and teacher. Please check it everyday by cleaning out the contents, signing your initials on the conduct sheet, and responding to notes if needed. PLEASE RETURN EACH DAY! A white homework folder will also come home with your child daily (beginning in October). Please check this for any homework that your child needs to complete. The white folder needs to be at school EVERYDAY!! A special Wednesday folder will be sent home weekly (on Wednesday). It will contain Norton updates and PTA correspondence. Please sign the front of the folder and place any required information and paperwork back in the DAILY NORTON folder to be returned on Thursday. We don’t look in Wednesday folders upon return.

8 School Supplies If you ordered school supplies through EPI, then your child’s supplies have been delivered to the classroom. If you did not preorder supplies, please plan to bring them on Back to the Castle Night (Thursday). PLEASE do not write your child’s name on these supplies as they are shared among the class.

9 Norton Rules Kindergarten Knights must follow the Norton Code of Honor. Keeps hands, feet and objects to him/herself. Never hurts others. Is on time and prepared for class. Gladly cooperates with teachers and fellow students. Hears and follows directions. Treats all others with respect.

10 Behavior Management PURPLE- Outstanding (two stickers in folder) BLUE- Good Day (one sticker in folder) GREEN – Ready to Learn (everyone starts the day here) YELLOW – Warning (one yellow sticker in folder, sticker count towards the ten) *ORANGE- Consequences (no sticker/ thinking laps) *RED – Unacceptable (no sticker/ thinking laps/ parent contact) If child is on orange or red their will ALWAYS be number written in correlation to our Code of Conduct After your child has earned 10 stickers they will receive a reward!

11 Lunch A numeric lunch code should have already been mailed to you prior to school starting. *Please contact student nutrition or see the cafeteria staff on Thursday if you have not received your child’s code.* Your child must memorize their code before making their initial lunch purchase. Lunches must be prepaid into the students’ lunch account (no cash accepted during lunch). If you come to eat lunch with your child, please note that you will be sitting on the stage. **We strongly encourage parents NOT to come and eat with their child for the first few weeks of school in order for us to establish our cafeteria routines and procedures.

12 Snacks We will have a 10 minute designated snack time each day. Please send a SIMPLE, NON-PERISHABLE snack with your child each day, in addition to your child’s lunch. Please pack separately from lunch. Please make sure the snack is labeled with your child’s name, requires NO utensils, and is completely disposable. We encourage each child to bring a water bottle labeled with their name. This is for classroom use and should not be their drink for lunch.

13 Criminal Background Checks If you plan on participating in classroom parties, going on field trips, or volunteering at Norton…. YOU MUST COMPLETE A CRIMINAL BACKGROUND CHECK ON-LINE at on the home page! This must be completed yearly and can take up to two weeks for clearance.

14 Kindergarten Questions ????????????????

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