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Julie Skelton Alistair Shaw West Lothian Working Together.

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1 Julie Skelton Alistair Shaw West Lothian Working Together

2 West Lothian Economy West Lothian’s population is estimated to be 172,100 in 2010 66.1% of the population are of working age, 22% are under 16 The population is projected to rise to 196,000 by 2024 Unemployment in West Lothian was 4.0% in July 2011 Key sectors are: public services, retail and distribution, hotels and restaurants, manufacturing, construction, Finance and IT

3 Key Employability Challenges Low skilled occupations Low wages Youth unemployment School Leaver Destinations and MCMC Unemployment is concentrated in pockets across West Lothian A number of key strategic Partners delivering independent employer support

4 West Lothian before Working Together West Lothian Economic Partnership Community Planning Partnership

5 Background to Working Together Desire to build on what was already in place strategically Desire to join up Service delivery to prevent duplication Partners involved Skills Development Scotland, West Lothian Council, Job Centre Plus, West Lothian Chamber of Commerce

6 Business Drivers The provision of joint services The need for robust Partnership working in order to jointly deliver good quality front line services Support inward investment and existing business To focus on reducing benefit dependency To achieve both Scottish and UK government policy drivers

7 What we implemented Joint Service Delivery – Fauldhouse Partnership Centre West Lothian Employer offer

8 Joint Service Delivery – Fauldhouse Partnership Centre

9 Delivering services in the community Development of a localised employability pipeline using a range of local Partners Installation of Jobcentre Plus job point Joint up skilling of staff

10 What we have achieved Interview attendance rates have significantly improved Customer perception of service delivery from Partners has improved Better integration of employability service in an area of high need Better understanding of customer need

11 Employer Offer

12 Single point of access for all enquires Joint staff training and meetings Joint offer and response to recruitment needs Offer marketed by all Partners in the same way Chamber assisted in developing and marketing the offer.

13 What we have achieved Jobs notified have improved Employers satisfaction is high Employer Offer has received recognition as an example of good practice Greater insight into employment needs in West Lothian

14 Overall impacts Off flow performance in West Lothian is higher than comparable areas Staff and customer interactions have improved Better strategic delivery from Partners New Enterprise Allowance Skills Development Scotland – My World of Work

15 Future developments Further development of joint services New locations Joint delivery in schools A wider employability forum to be set up to underpin the strategy Employer involvement in further development of the offer Incorporation of other key employability providers into Working Together West Lothian

16 Contact details Alistair Shaw, Head of Area Services, West Lothian Council Email: Julie Skelton, Customer Service Operations Manager, Jobcentre Plus Email: JULIE.SKELTON2@JOBCENTREPLUS.GSI.GOV.UK

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