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Session 4. Case Studies of Effective Approaches (2) Working in partnership - Simon Richards, Sheffield Homes.

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1 Session 4. Case Studies of Effective Approaches (2) Working in partnership - Simon Richards, Sheffield Homes

2 Tackling Worklessness Sheffield - place and people Sheffield Homes – why we matter Providing jobs Providing training and support Providing opportunity What happens next? Thoughts, challenges and questions

3 Sheffield - place and people 520,000+ city population Increasingly diverse 14% BME and rising Low Economic Activity Rate

4 Sheffield - place and people Social Housing and Economic Activity

5 Sheffield Homes – why we matter Manage 42,000 council properties –57% Tenants over 50 –43% Tenants over 60 –35% Tenants with disability Employ 1200+ staff 232 vacancies advertised in 07/08 Big enough to make a difference!

6 Providing jobs Five commitments Inform Jobcentre + of all vacancies Regular ‘keep in touch’ meetings with Jobcentre + Inform Jobcentre + of Job Fairs Attend Jobcentre + events Advertise ‘entry level’ vacancies as ‘New Deal only’ Local Employer Partnership

7 Providing jobs ‘Headstart’ initiative Long term unemployed Work with training provider Two week bespoke training - managers input Guaranteed interview Commit to fill set number of vacancies

8 Providing jobs ‘Headstart’ initiative Dec 06 - Six Neighbourhood Wardens Feb 07 - Two Administrative Assistants July 07 - Four Neighbourhood Wardens Nov 07 - Three Customer Service Assistants April 08 - Two Administrative Assistants All 17 people still in post

9 Providing jobs “After being unemployed for 13 years I had a lack of confidence about trying to get back into work and thought no one would ever want to employ me”. “However JobCentre Plus helped to restore my confidence. I knew what to expect from the interview. All the training was provided and I felt supported all the way. I’m really enjoying my job now and the benefits of a regular wage.” Frank Campbell, Sheffield Homes Neighbourhood Warden, recruited via the LEP in 2007

10 Providing training and support Working with Remploy National and Local Awards in recognition of partnership working Monthly meet up - inform them of all vacancies Visits to groups of their clients to tell them about jobs Provide work placements to clients Guaranteed interviews if minimum specification met Provide feedback to applicants Attend training events and fairs with other employers

11 Providing training and support BME trainee scheme Housing Officer level – recruited to vacancies in company 2 trainees 07/08 – 3 in 08/09 Eligibility - BME - Unemployed - Living in Sheffield On and off the job training Certificate in Housing Management - Hallam University

12 Providing training and support City Stewardship Targeted at disaffected or disengaged 16-18 year olds – ‘NEETs’ Partnership – Kier, Council, Connexions, Police, Provide employability skills – hard and soft Delivers services to city, communities and residents 300 + learners each year Move on - jobs, apprenticeships, FE and Training Over 60% positive progression rate

13 Providing training and support City Stewardship Trainees clearing up after the floods

14 Providing training and support Construction JOBMatch ‘One stop shop’ – - Funding – £12 + million private/ public -Recruiting – 380+ trainees over 4 years -Accrediting – NVQ 2 -Monitoring / supporting trainee Targeted at disadvantaged Two year training contract Partnership – Council, Kier, Decent Homes Contractors Demand led – employers / employees

15 Providing training and support Construction JOBMatch 33% BME 7% Women 86% over 22 37% over 30 51% drawn from most deprived areas 80% completed training

16 Providing training and support Construction Job Match Trainees celebrating 250 trainees into programme last October

17 Providing opportunity ‘Pathways to Employment’ National Government initiative South Yorkshire – 1 of 15 pilot areas Supports Sheffield City Strategy Work and Skills Board DWP / LSC / ESF funding

18 Providing opportunity ‘ Pathways to Employment’ Targeted on –Lone Parents –Incapacity Benefit recipients –BME –Carers Main providers now agreed Sheffield Homes - Partner in 2 sub contractor bids

19 Providing opportunity ‘Pathways to Employment’ 5 stage engagement / delivery model 1.Community engagement 2.Information advice and guidance 3.Key worker support 4.Employability and vocational skills 5.Employer engagement

20 What happens next? Working with Housing Associations, Council, DWP, Voluntary sector providers Share what we are all doing – adding value Explore joint working – employment and training, awareness raising Work collaboratively to engage with delivery of ‘Pathways’ initiative

21 What happens next? Job Points in housing offices? Co-location - housing / employment Facilitating referrals Hosting Key Workers in housing offices Develop training programme to raise awareness of front line housing staff

22 Thoughts, challenges and questions Should we be doing this? Costs of not doing it? Capacity to do it? Capability to do it? Partnership is key It’s complex! Unique Selling Point – access to our tenants Enabling choice - not colluding with coercion Questions?

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