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Involving partners in evidencing impact David Young – North Lanarkshire Council.

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1 involving partners in evidencing impact David Young – North Lanarkshire Council

2 involving partners in evidencing impact North Lanarkshire Council CLD Service North Lanarkshire Partnership North Lanarkshire CLD Partnership Local Action Planning Evidencing Impact / Examples David Young – North Lanarkshire Council

3 North Lanarkshire Council CLD Service Single combined CLD service 6 Locality Teams (Community Plan) Lifelong Learning / Youth Work / CCB Sub Teams Part of Learning & Leisure Services

4 North Lanarkshire Partnership

5 North Lanarkshire Partnership brings together the major public and voluntary sector agencies in the area and has a responsibility for taking forward the development and implementation of the Community Plan and Single Outcome Agreement in North Lanarkshire. The Community Planning Partners are: Strathclyde Police Scottish Enterprise Further Education Colleges Strathclyde Partnership for Transport North Lanarkshire Council NHS Lanarkshire Strathclyde Fire & Rescue Jobcentre Plus The Voluntary Sector

6 North Lanarkshire Partnership To further encourage joined up working across partners, five key themes have been identified for the Community Plan. These five key themes are: Health and Wellbeing Community Safety Environment Lifelong Learning Regeneration The key themes are broadly aligned with the Scottish Government’s strategic objectives. The Community Plan and the Single Outcome Agreement align the Partnership’s local outcomes with the 15 national outcomes. Healthier Safer & Stronger Greener Smarter Wealthier & Fairer

7 North Lanarkshire Partnership

8 North Lanarkshire’s Working

9 North Lanarkshire CLD Partnership

10 Background 2004 – 2008 ‘Working and Learning Together’ was published by the Scottish Executive, outlining the national priorities for Community Learning and Development. In 2004, the North Lanarkshire CLD Partnership introduced a document outlining its strategy for 2004-2008. 2008 – 2010 The Partnership agreed to extend the strategy for 2008-2010. In November 2008, a joint statement was issued by COSLA and the Scottish Government, Building on “Working and Learning Together to Build Stronger Communities”: the role of Community Learning and Development (CLD) in delivery change.

11 North Lanarkshire CLD Partnership Current Work The Partnership created a new strategy for 2010- 2012, which took into account significant local and national change. The CLD Partnership Strategy includes clear Outcomes & Indicators and forms the basis on which partners, including the Council, measures progress in relation to the Community Plan. The Strategy links to the six local CLD Partnerships within North Lanarkshire, with each Partnership creating their own Action Plan.

12 North Lanarkshire CLD Partnership Key Actions 1.Increase opportunities for learners to achieve accreditation outwith national qualifications within a community based setting 2.Increase opportunities for learners to achieve national qualifications within a community based setting 3.Increase pre-vocational and vocational learning opportunities to assist adults in the transition to employment 4.Establish learning hubs to increase the learning opportunities for young people aged 16-19 in order to support positive transitions 5.Increase sustainable opportunities for progression and positive destinations for the 16+ age group 6.Increase learning opportunities targeted at the 50+ age group

13 North Lanarkshire CLD Partnership Key Actions 7.Maintain a range of learning opportunities to address needs relating to Adult Literacy and Numeracy and English for Speakers of Other Languages 8.Support learners to acquire the skills and knowledge to make healthier choices relating to their personal health and lifestyle 9.Up skill the CLD Partnership workforce to increase its capacity and its ability to meet targets in relation to the Community Plan. 10.Maintain support to the voluntary sector to enhance the capacity of community based organisations 11.Maintain support to assist communities to address community safety and environmental issues

14 Local Action Planning Planning takes place at a variety of levels in North Lanarkshire. This can be done directly through Community Planning Partnership structures, such as Local Area Partnerships and Local Area Teams, or through specific groups looking at topics such as GIRFEC, Youth Offending, etc. Through the North Lanarkshire CLD Partnership, each of the six local Partnerships have created a CLD Action Plan. The Outcomes and Indicators within these Action Plans have been combined within one strategic document, providing a clear framework for measuring and evaluating CLD services in the area.

15 Local Action Planning Example Outcome & Indicators Corporate Plan Key Theme National Outcomes Strategic Measure of Success Corporate & Community Plan Outcomes CLD Partnership Indicators CLD Partner Responsible (Colours)

16 Areas that have a strong history of partnership working, such as North Lanarkshire, seem to be making the most progress in involving partners in jointly evidencing impact. …having one clear plan where the CLD outcomes are succinctly linked to area/city outcomes and national outcomes: for example Edinburgh’s CLD Service Plan, Supporting Communities 2011-2014, and North Lanarkshire’s Outcomes and Indicators 2010-12 document. Evidencing Impact..working with partners to evidence impact: Scottish Borders; North Lanarkshire where they jointly record learners numbers on their MIS and in their Outcomes and Indicators 2010-12 Document clearly highlighting which partners contribute to which of the joint outcomes (by measuring particular indicators).

17 Evidencing Impact CLD Partnership Strategy and associated Outcomes & Indicators Partnership Planning (e.g. LEAP, Cognisoft Action Plans, etc) Joint Delivery and Funding of Projects Management Information Systems / Information Sharing Joint Performance Reporting via CCP and Single Outcome Agreement Joint Self Evaluation (e.g. HGIOCLD, VSE, etc) Joint Recording and Celebration of Achievement Example of Partnership: NL Activity Agreement


19 Partners involved in the delivery of the Activity Agreement include: Community Learning & Development Colleges Job Centre Plus NHS Lanarkshire North Lanarkshire’s Working Regeneration Services Schools Skills Development Scotland Social Work Training Providers Routes To Work Voluntary Action North Lanarkshire Voluntary Organisations YMCA

20 Evidencing Impact “Partnership work is very well developed at local level. CLD services work effectively in a range of productive partnerships with other services such as health and police. The Council CLD service offers effective leadership locally. Staff effectively measure and plan their work. The CLD strategic partnership encourages joint working across a wide range of agencies. Partners actively engage in decision making. There is trust, shared goals and lack of competition between partners. Partners support each other in their work. This has reduced duplication and ensures that resources are used where they are needed most.” Dalziel High School Learning Community Inspection 2008

21 Evidencing Impact Discussion Points 1.What formal partnerships exist within your own learning community? 2.How is impact currently measured across local partnerships? 3.What could be improved to ensure that joint planning, delivery and evaluation is consistent?

22 Evidencing Impact Contacts: David Young, CLD Development Officer John Tierney, CLD Development Manager

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