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2020 Stronger Communities North Yorkshire & York Forum AGM 27 November 2014 Marie-Ann Jackson, Head of Stronger Communities 1.

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1 2020 Stronger Communities North Yorkshire & York Forum AGM 27 November 2014 Marie-Ann Jackson, Head of Stronger Communities 1

2 Strong and vibrant communities in all parts of North Yorkshire, using their knowledge, skills and drive to work with the county council and others to develop a range of local services that maximise the wellbeing of local people of all ages through: Increased participation and engagement Creating local opportunities Shaping local solutions 2 Stronger Communities Vision

3 Purpose Key part of NYCC 2020 Programme Provide strong focus for public health Build on lessons from ‘Active Communities’ Create local solutions for services at a time of significant financial challenge for the authority by: Strengthening existing partnerships & relationships Building & supporting new opportunities for joint working based on a shared understanding of local priorities Valuing the contributions we can each make 3

4 NYCC Approach Partnership and co-production with communities Build on what already exists and works Actively engaging partners e.g. Districts, Parishes, CCGs, Police, voluntary sector etc. Work with existing networks and infrastructure such as the Forum, RAY, North Yorkshire Youth etc. Encouraging groups to work together where appropriate, maximising the use of buildings, assets and volunteers creating a focal point or local network of support Collaborative, long-term approach - not ‘quick fix’ 4

5 NYCC Approach A team of 7 Delivery Managers will assist local groups to access the full range of support being offered Possible transfer of assets and buildings into community ownership Start-up grants / pump priming Stock, equipment & ICT to help deliver services Training On-going specialist advice, support and development Support for volunteers Access to independent advice - eg legal, financial, business planning 5

6 Priorities The initial priorities of the programme are: Community libraries Open access youth services Community transport and Some services for older people, vulnerable adults & carers 6

7 Community libraries Community libraries in market towns and larger villages where the county council is no longer providing a library service itself Part of required “comprehensive and efficient” library service Assisted digital access to county council and other services, including public access computers and one to one support High customer satisfaction in existing community run libraries 7

8 Services for young people and children Supporting universal (open access) youth provision in market towns and larger villages Working with partners such as North Yorkshire Youth and others Opportunities for other developments linked to or within children’s centres Opportunities for wider community use of buildings 8

9 Community transport Support for Community Transport solutions in areas where the contracted public transport network is significantly reduced Establishing additional schemes and supporting existing schemes to accommodate increased demands Piloting new ways of working, including loaning cars to communities and car clubs 9

10 Services for older people, vulnerable adults and carers Purpose to keep people living independently for longer A wide range of universal (open access), community owned, volunteer provided, services addressing local needs, combating loneliness and isolation e.g. good neighbours schemes / inter-generational activities social and leisure activities / breaks for carers support with shopping and gardening / help with recycling community cafes / lunches IT workshops / informal adult education Supported by time-credits and similar initiatives to encourage and support volunteering 10

11 Based in each of the district areas Getting to know and understand community perceptions and aspirations – existing district networks Stimulating and supporting community engagement with the programme Actively seeking out opportunities Supporting increased co-ordination of services / activities / organisations Being an ‘honest broker’ between county council services and communities Providing access to county council support and funding Delivery Manager Role 11

12 Contact 12 Marie-Ann Jackson Head of Stronger Communities NYCC, County Hall, Northallerton Tel:01609 532925

13 Workshop Questions Thinking across the 4 Stronger Communities priorities, we would welcome your input and ideas: What is working well in communities? What are the gaps and issues in communities? How can we work together to strengthen communities? 13

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