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All About Me Luis Hernandez 02/10/14 Period 2. Main Menu Hey guys this is Luis Hernandez. This project will be all about my life. It will take you to.

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1 All About Me Luis Hernandez 02/10/14 Period 2

2 Main Menu Hey guys this is Luis Hernandez. This project will be all about my life. It will take you to the past,present,and future. Are you ready to take the trip of a life time? Well come with me and press any of those three buttons up there and commons your journey throw my life. Background Now Future Hobbies Menu

3 Background Welcome to my background. This is where I will tell you all about me family and me. My mom and dad are both from Guadalajara, Jalisco. They came to the U.S. When they were both 18. My mom met my dad when she was still 18 he was 24. My parents got together and after a while they decided to have a child (Me). They tried and tried but my mom couldn’t get pregnant. After 10 years of trying she became pregnant. On December 15, 1995 at 1:00pm I was born in Costal Community Hospital in Santa Ana Ca.. When I was about a month old my parent separated and lasted like that for 8 years. After all that time they got back together. They Remarried when I was ten on November 5, 2006 and they have been happily married ever since. All this happened in the city that I was raised in Corona Ca.. I lived there all my childhood. I went to school from kindergarten - 7 th grade and then moved here to Redlands. Iv been living in Redlands for 5 years now. I went to cope for 8 th grade and been at RHS for all my high school years.

4 Now Now its time to let you know what I'm up to at this point in my life. I’m a senior at Redlands high school. I live with my mom and dad in a nice small home in Loma Linda. I have 3 dogs a Chihuahua, Mini Doberman, and a Siberian Husky. My best Friend is Roberta Gee Who was been my best friend since freshman year. I am part of the Redlands High School Varsity men chorus. Going on three years now. I am also working hard and getting on track to graduate with all my friends. I am a well rounded person. I’m a hard worker and when I want something I try my best to receive it. I am a great listener I also am a great person to talk to. I’m good at taking directions. All and all in my opinion I’m a pretty great guy.

5 Future When I get out of high school I plan to continue with my studies and enroll into RCC (Riverside City College). I plan to do my pre- Requisites at RCC and Then transfer to The University of California Santa Barbara to finish my studies there. I would like to study to become an RN (Registered Nurse). I would like to stay in school for about 6 more years so I can have a good knowing about what my career is going to be about. I would like to get a Bachlorers Degree in medicine and then go for my Masters In medicine as well. I have real high hopes for my future I just have to work hard and not give up. Like people say “ If your dreams don’t scare you, your not dreaming big enough.” Always dream big and don’t ever let anybody tell you your no better.

6 Hobbies/Interests Menu CookingRavingHiking T.V. & Music Now this is the slide that shows you what I’m in to. I got so many things that I love to do but here are the 3 main ones. This slide will also take to my interest slid where it will show what type of music I’m into, fav. Songs and interesting things of that nature. So pick one and continue your journey.

7 Cooking My first hobby is cooking. I love cooking. Cooking is something that comes from the heart. You have to take your time while preparing a delicious meal. If you don’t have patients I don’t think cooking is for you. I enjoy cooking cause it helps me clear my mind. When I have to think of something or when something is in my mind I just cook and everything is good. Cooking is an essential part in my life. I think if I didn’t have cooking I would go insane. Cooking also helps the family together. When you cook as a family its always a great time. You laugh make jokes play around with each other its an overall good time. I enjoy cooking for all those things that is why this is one of my hobbies. It clears the minds and brings the family together. If you ever feel the need to get your mind straight or just get something out of your head just cook try it I dare you. H.M

8 Raving H.M One of my other hobbies is raving which is my favorite one. raving is going to music festivals and seeing you favorite Djs. Raving to me helps me go to a different world. It takes me out of reality and into a wonderland of pure bliss and happiness. People have really bad concepts of what a rave is. Don’t ever judge a book by its cover. If you haven't experienced it don’t say nothing negative about it. When you go to a rave its all about EDM(Electronic Dance Music). People are having fun. They are listening to the music and there are just great vibes all over the place. No one judges you. No one treats you wrong you are all family. Some events I am planning to attend is EDC, LIC, &Tomorrow world. These are some of the big events that I will be attending one day. That is why raving is one of my hobbies.

9 Hiking H.M. Hiking is another fun and healthy Hobby I

10 T.V. Shows & Music H.M. Love is a Battle field

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