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Personal PowerPoint Jordan Jones. All About Jordan My name is Jordan Jones and I’m 16 Years old. I was born in Oakland, California at Highland Hospital.

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1 Personal PowerPoint Jordan Jones

2 All About Jordan My name is Jordan Jones and I’m 16 Years old. I was born in Oakland, California at Highland Hospital on March 31 st, 1999. I’m a very outgoing and funny person. I have a lot of friends because my personality is very welcoming.

3 I come from a mixed background. My mom is Japanese and Black and My father is just Black. Their names are Erica and Vandrick, and together they have 7 children. Ranging from ages 25 to 3. My siblings names are Jamal, Taylor, Vandrick Jr., Quivon, Christopher, and Jayden. My household is so crazy but fun. We have the best time because my brothers and sister are very funny and we all just enjoy playing and messing wit my parents all day. Don’t get me wrong we all argue a lot and its usually the older ones against the younger ones but since I'm the middle child no one really messes with me. I love all my brothers and sisters and even when we’re arguing I wouldn’t trade them for nothing because I could never imagine my life without them. We fight like cats and dogs but when someone else tries to mess with one thy mess with all of us and I love that about us. I have the best brothers and sisters ever

4 Straight Outta Oakland I am from Oakland California. I grew up in 69 Village with all my brothers and sisters and cousins. All my family lived there so we used to have so much fun and we were really bad. We did everything from busting open fire hydrants to pushing kids in creeks. Unfortunately, we moved out because my mom didn’t want us to live in Oakland anymore especially her boys. It wasn’t a good environment to grow up in because we would see everything like drug deals, shoot outs, police raids, bums, and people doing drugs. Now that I'm older I always thank my mom for taking me out an environment like that. I could already see if we never moved how my life would be. I probably would have lost one of my siblings.

5 Everyday Hobbies My favorite thing to do is dance. I dance with this Company called J.U.D.C. We do all types of dancing but we major in Majorette. I go to practice everyday from 5 to 8 and do competitions every Friday and Saturday. I’ve done really easy shows and really professional ones such as; Block parties, Birthdays, Disneyland, and dancing with Snoop Dogg in the 49ers Halftime Show. Dancing is really one of my passions and it relieves so much stress and keeps me healthy. It’s a really fun workout, we have so much fun at practice that we don’t realize that we even burned hundreds of calories.

6 Ball is Life I’ve tried to experience every sport I could. I’ve played Volleyball, Softball, Tennis, and Basketball. Out of all of those I loved Basketball the most. I played all through middle school and stopped last year which was 9 th grade. I decided to take a break since that was my first year of high school, but I'm starting back my junior year. I also watch sports and my favorite team is the Warriors of course. They are doing so good this year and I'm hoping they win the championship.

7 Clark University I love Atlanta so much and some my family lives out there. I would absolutely love to go to college out there and I really want to go to Clark because I really want to go to a black college. I want to be around majority of my people and go to step shows and be able to go deeper into my cultures history. I don’t think I would have opportunities to do things like that if I were to go to college in California instead of a black college.

8 My Future Goals I really want to be a cosmetologist but I also want to have the chance to go to college and experience college life because everyone says its so fun and you wouldn’t want to miss out on those years. I was thinking just got to college for business and come back and do cosmetology school for 18 months and then I would be able to open my own shop because I’ll be licensed and I would have went to school for beauty. I would love to go to Atlanta and stay for the rest of my life but I don think my siblings and my mom would move with me and I couldn’t live without them. So, I’ m just gong to go for college.

9 Jordan’s Top Secrets Not too many people know that my grandma is fully Japanese and my Grandpa is Indian and black. Even though my name is Jordan I'm not really a fan of Jordan's I buy them every now and then I can recite the entire first season of Pretty Little Liars because I re-watch it every Saturday. I HATE candy… Like I really don’t eat it, its disgusting I did a photo-shoot with Snoop Dogg I’m really not a people person, I love to isolate myself If I don’t listen to music for at least 2 hours I WILL have a HORRIBLE day.

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