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Employee Interview By: Rielly Stringer & Brandon Stevenson Click to add text.

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1 Employee Interview By: Rielly Stringer & Brandon Stevenson Click to add text

2 Q1.What was your first job? A: My first job was as a babysitter for friends of my family.

3 Q2. How old were you? A: I was 14 years old.

4 Q3.How much did you earn an hour for your first job? A: I didn't get paid by the hour. It was a weekly rate of $125

5 Q4. Where do you work now? A:Now I work at Adventure Place Childcare

6 Q5.How long have you been employed there ? A:I have been there almost 3 years

7 Q6. How many hours a week do you work? A: I work 40 hours a week usually, But there are times where I work a few extra hours if I'm needed.

8 Q7. Do you have many co workers? A:I have 5 co workers full time and we have a few substitutes that fill in.

9 Q8.Are there a lot of injury/ illness risk in your job? A: There aren't many injuries with it but it is easy to pick up flues and viruses.

10 Q9.Is there a lot of stress involved in your job? A: I don't think there is a lot of stress involved. I choose not to stress out over work.

11 Q10. Do you like your job? A: I love my job. Kids at that age are so full of life, and get so excited over the simplest things. They make you feel very much needed and loved. They are easy to fall in love with

12 Q11.What is your favorite part of your job? A: There are so many things I love about it that its hard to say. Sometimes I will be at work and for no reason at all a child will run up and hug me, or say" I love you " for no reason at all. That’s probably my favorite part.

13 Q12.Would you recommend this job to others? A: I would recommend this job to anyone who loves children. It definitely is not a job for just anyone. You need to have a lot of patience and you absolutely need to love children. You have to have a lot of energy because small children are full of it.

14 Q13. Does your job require you to work after you are off the clock? A:It doesn't require me to, but i often do planning for work at home just because I enjoy it.

15 Q14. Is there room to advance in your job? A: There isn’t room to advance really. I could go to college and get a degree if I felt the need to but right at the moment Idon't.

16 Q15. Did you always want to be in this line of work? If not what changed your mind A: As a small child I wanted to be a flight attendant. I wanted to travel the world. Then as a teenager i started babysitting and knew that whatever I did in my later years it would be something that involved children. However it wasn't until 3 years ago that I actually took this job that gave me the opportunity to work with kids.

17 Q16. Did you need to go to secondary school or university to qualify for your job? A: Most daycares do require you to be an Early Childhood Educator to work in daycares. I actually don’t have the degree.

18 Q17.Did your parents have any influence on what you wanted to do as a profession? A: I guess in a way they did. My mom was a stay at home mom and enjoyed doing things as often as possible with us. I saw how much happiness she got from doing things with us children and i kind of always knew that whatever I chose to do I wanted to be as happy as her. So really i guess she thought me that when you love what you are doing work is a lot more enjoyable.

19 Q18. Does your job require you to travel or be away from your own family ? A: It doesn’t require me to travel besides a scattered field trip or something along those lines. I work from 7 am -4 pm so most of the time I am at work my real children are in school and I don’t work weekends which is nice.

20 Q19. Are you proud of your job? A: I can honestly say yes. I am very proud to say that I work in a daycare.

21 Q20. Is this a job you see yourself working at for a long time? A: I would like to think so yes. As long as my health will allow it I will be there. I often say that I will be there until it is no longer fun.

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