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About Me Project Miranda Martinez Pd. 1 2-18-15. Main Menu.

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1 About Me Project Miranda Martinez Pd. 1 2-18-15

2 Main Menu

3 Background About Family and Me My is Miranda Martinez, most friends call me moonda. Honestly I have no idea way they do but they do. My friend Jessica Garica made it up one day out of the blue. I was born on November 13, 1999 at Kaiser Medical in Fontana, Ca!ut/p/a0/ FcdNCoAgEAbQs3SA-LRN0a5TlLMbtGzAP0IKb1- 93QNhAyW- xXOVnDh8NwdbCVLb7FriKBYrCCQORiulh_FfudhHh km5t2zPHSXG6Vm67gW4Hhb8/. I have two older sisters named Erica 22 and Erlinda 28, one younger sister named Alyssa 12 and one younger brother named Nick 10. When I was about six years old my older brother Eric 15 (at the time) found out had cancer, they caught it too late so wasn’t much for the doctors or nurses to do. He lived about 5 months after he was dignosesd. Two years before that my mom Veronica passed away from giving birth to my little brother Nick. My wonderful caring grandmother took us up and took care of us, hard years but we got through it. Dad not around,lefted when I was. I don’t know if you call this intersting but I love putting myself out there and show the people who said I cant do it or wont be able to do and accoplished whatever that is. I may have not have the greatest childhood but that’s okay I learned from the past, and the past is the past and you always got to move forward and put that be hide you. Well that some stuff bout me and my family.!ut/p/a0/ FcdNCoAgEAbQs3SA-LRN0a5TlLMbtGzAP0IKb1- 93QNhAyW- xXOVnDh8NwdbCVLb7FriKBYrCCQORiulh_FfudhHh km5t2zPHSXG6Vm67gW4Hhb8/

4 Personal Goals Some of my personal goals are too go to college and get accepected to the college I apply for like UCR Have a family when I get older have 1 to 2 kids that are a boy and girl. Meet the man I will love “forever”. Become a nurse, a good nurse that everyone would want to see or be there for them when they are ill or hurt. Save lives, like homeless people or people in other countries. I have some many personal goals I would like to accomplished but one is too make my grandmother proud and say “that’s the girl I raised, so proud of you” I think anyone would love to here that from there parent or who ever taking care of them and mean it when they say it. You can make so many goal for your self but you have to work for it and really want it.

5 Future In the future I would love to travel the world and see the Northern Lights or Eypt Pyramids or “The Big Apple”, just in genally see other cities, states and countries besides California in United States. I’ll love to see how other people live and what they eat and what makes them happy, what they do for fun and their religon and language and maybe get to learn some of it while I’m there and their land. & 505%20Africa&sitetest&gclid=CK6P5MOb1cMCFRSPfgodlEUAEQ here are two links I found about a Safar and a camp or resort site of Amazon River and Africa Wildlife. Yeah, I have plans to become to a nurse and get a career but I want to enjoy life first and see things that maybe most people aren’t able to see. I just want to live free for a couples of months before I have to be stuck studying and trying to become a nurse. A last future dream is to play soccer in college and maybe become pro or even be on Uswnt. Been playing since 4 years old, on a club team and even played on the high school team this year. 505%20Africa&sitetest&gclid=CK6P5MOb1cMCFRSPfgodlEUAEQ

6 Hobbies / Interests Menu

7 Shopping

8 Off roading mx and quading

9 Alex Morgan

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