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All about Alexandra Discovering who Alexandra Filicetti really is …

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1 All about Alexandra Discovering who Alexandra Filicetti really is …

2 Basic Information -My name is Alexandra Diana Filicetti -I was born in Toronto, Ontario, Canada at Mountsina Hospital, on November 7 th 1998. -I was grew up in Toronto. -I am attending grade 11 next year, and Turning 16 in November. - I go to Dante Alighieri Academy High School

3 Background -My Grandparents on my moms were both born and raised in Sicily in Italy. -My Grandparents on my dads side were both born and raised in Calabria, Italy. -They came to Canada as adults, to live a better life

4 Hobbies -I starting taking dance classes at the Columbus Center at five years old, I did all types of dance such as Ballet, Jazz, and hip-hop. - In grade four, I started to like singing so I switched from dance classes to singing classes. - Another hobby of mine is shopping, I love clothes, and matching outfits.

5 Family -My Immediate family involves my dad- Robert Filicetti, my mom- Gianna Filicetti, my brother- Michael Filicetti, and Me. - My family are the first people I turn to when I have a problem. My mom always knows what‘s best for me, and she gives me good advice. - I know my family always has my back, because they could never leave me family is always first.

6 Friends -My two best friends are Jessica and Pamela - I've been friends with Jessica since grade two and we've always been close, but now we go to different high schools and we still keep close, but its not as easy. -I met Pamela in high school, and our personalities just clicked, we are a lot alike, in the way we act and think. - My street friends are Jessica, Pamela, Mathew, Thomas, Michael, Bruno and me.

7 What I do on my free time? - On my free time I like to make plans with my friends like either going to the mall, wonderland, or even just hanging out at someone's house. -When my friend's are busy and I'm home I just watch The Vampire Diaries in Netflix, and going on social media sites.

8 -After high school, I want to go to collage, and study something in Marketing -After I get my diploma I want a job in sales - I also want to get married and have at least three kids - -The most important goal for my future is to be happy. My goals for the future

9 List of Favourites -My favorite Colour is baby blue -My favorite food Lasagna - My favorite Singer is Justine Bieber - My favorite subject is English -My favorite store is Garage

10 Bucket list -To live in New York City, or travel their a lot -To meet Justin Bieber -To get married -To get my licence -Ride a gondola in Venice -Have a Career that I enjoy

11 Video

12 I chose the song, clarity by zedd because last summer this was my song. It always put me in a good mood and it still dose. Me and my best friend made this our summer song, last summer. So whenever I hear it I just think of all the good memories we had. This song brings back good memories, and is meaningful to me every time I hear it.

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