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Discovering Your Personal Brand © Pamela Weinberg 20132.

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2 Discovering Your Personal Brand © Pamela Weinberg 20132

3 What is your P ERSONAL B RAND ? Your Brand defines WHO you are and WHAT you stand for © Pamela Weinberg 20133

4 Who are You? © Pamela Weinberg 2013

5 How will B RANDING help my job search and/or career? Personal Branding can be utilized to: Differentiate yourself Enhance your recognition as an expert Raise your visibility to potential employers/clients/peers/supervisors Direct and focus a job search © Pamela Weinberg 20135

6 Creating your Personal Brand Many factors go into creating your personal brand, including: How you present yourself publicly What you would like your important constituents to think about when they think of you? What key expertise do you want to convey? Developing a Personal Mission Statement can help guide your brand. © Pamela Weinberg 20136

7 A personal mission statement allows you to: Define and connect with your own unique purpose and to articulate what YOU deem the most important information to disseminate about your brand. Tip: and for mission statement © Pamela Weinberg 20137

8 A well done personal mission statement should serve as a personal “GPS” for future career and life choices © Pamela Weinberg 20138

9 Keep it simple, clear and brief. The best mission statements tend to be 3 to 5 sentences long. Describe what you want to focus on and who/what you want to become in this stage of your career. Make your mission statement positive: it should be authentic and sound like “you”. © Pamela Weinberg 20139

10 Include skills, character traits and knowledge that you value and want to develop further. Use it to guide you in your day-to-day actions and decisions. Update it regularly as you achieve your goals. © Pamela Weinberg 201310

11 “To be known within the commercial real estate industry as an expert in tenant representation. I will do this by attending and speaking at industry conferences, writing for real estate blogs, and by developing relationships with key thought-leaders in the field” Brian W., real estate professional © Pamela Weinberg 2013

12 Promoting Your Professional Brand Read and Respond to relevant articles written by journalists, reporters and bloggers magazines, that match your interests Create your own blog or website Join professional associations Issue a personal press release to announce something about yourself or your company Include a custom signature in each email you send. Tip: sign up with © Pamela Weinberg 201312

13 Social Media : The Ultimate Branding Tool © Pamela Weinberg 201313

14 LinkedIn A professional LinkedIn profile should highlight your personal brand. Tips include: Craft a descriptive profile headline Upload an appropriate photo Update status regularly Link to relevant articles Include full education profile © Pamela Weinberg 201314

15 LinkedIn Share your resume; blog; published work Tell your story in “Summary” section Join LinkedIn groups within your industry and university Add keywords to fill in the “Skills and Expertise” section Ask for recommendations Send personalized invitations to connect to contacts after each meeting © Pamela Weinberg 201315

16 LinkedIn Profile Example © Pamela Weinberg 201316

17 “Branded” Professional Summary © Pamela Weinberg 201317

18 Social Media : The Ultimate Branding Tool © Pamela Weinberg 201318

19 © Pamela Weinberg 2013

20 Social Media : The Ultimate Branding Tool © Pamela Weinberg 201320

21 © Pamela Weinberg 201321

22 Share tweets on your Facebook, Linkedin, blog or website to get your messages across more outlets Send direct messages to develop relationships with followers Search for jobs Tip: to search Twitter for job © Pamela Weinberg 201322

23 More Social Media to Build Your Brand Pinterest: a pinboard-styled social photo board sharing website Instagram: photo sharing app allowing users to take a photo & share it on social networking sites Foursquare: a location-based social networking service Google +: a social network utilizing individual circles of contacts © Pamela Weinberg 201323

24 Monitoring your Brand Set Google alerts ( see who is using your blog information or searching for you. Traces every blog that mentions you. Search your name on Twitter: Tip: Join to measure your social media © Pamela Weinberg 201324

25 The Last Word on Personal Branding © Pamela Weinberg 2013 YOUR BRAND DISCOVER CREATE & COMMUNICATE MAINTAIN 25

26 Resources Facebook me by Dave Awl Me 2.0 by Dan Schawbel Twitter Tips, Tricks and Tweets by Paul McFedries you-personal-brand you-personal-brand m m © Pamela Weinberg 201326

27 : Contact Me: twitter: @PamelaWeinberg

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