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Irish and German Immigration to American Cities

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1 Irish and German Immigration to American Cities
By: Nicole Perrone

2 What is was… During the years many Irish and Germans immigrated to America The Irish and Germans both came for different reasons…

3 More about the Great Famine
Why the Irish came… The Irish slowly began to immigrate to America in 1820, but increased by the year 1840 Their immigration increased because of the Great Famine More about the Great Famine

4 The Great Famine The Great Famine=3 years of potato crop failure
Almost ½ of Ireland lived on farms that produced a small income The poor farmers depended on the potato crop for food Because of the famine more than 750,000 people died of starvation Because of the Great Famine almost 2 million Irish people immigrated to the United States

5 Irish in America When the Irish moved to America they settled in the northeast in clumps because they didn’t have enough money to buy their own land Many American jobs were given to the Irish because they were willing to work for less money than the Americans This made the U.S. citizens feel threatened They soon put up signs in their stores that said NINA or “No Irish Need Apply” Some signs also said “Irish Need Not Apply” Fact: Today the population of Ireland is about half of what it was in 1840 because so many people immigrated to America.


7 Why the Germans Came… The main reason that the Germans immigrated to America between the years was to escape political unrest in their country The political unrest was caused by riots, rebellions, and a revolution and took place in the year 1848 Also there was economic hardship in their country Not many other countries permitted Germans to immigrate there

8 Germans in America… Because the Germans had more money than the Irish did when they immigrated, they were able to settle down in the Midwestern area of the United States They settled there in search of farmland and work Some popular places that the Germans immigrated to were Milwaukee Cincinnati Baltimore New York City St. Louis

9 Random information about the Irish and the Germans
Many immigrants became Democrats because it gave… The Americans hated the Germans too (it wasn’t’ just the Irish) The Irish and German immigrants were Roman Catholics

10 The End

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