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1 Sociology

2 What is sociology Study of human social behavior
Study of the group rather than the individual perspective (point of view)

3 Finish the Following Sentences
Someone who can’t find a job is ______. Homelessness is the result of_______. Immigrants come here because of______. People are violent because________. Young people get in more accidents because _____. Two columns societal and individual.

4 Examples A young man joins a gang. A woman divorces her husband.
A teen commits suicide. Draw a map on the fastest way to the student parking lot. Psych: prove toughness ; soc: society teach masculine Psych: develop potential ; soc: social trend towrd equality Psych: escape depression ; soc: peer group expect of perfromance.

5 Patterns Social Structure – the patterned interaction of people in social relationships People behave differently in a group than they would as individuals. Behavior in a group can not be predicted by personal characteristics Emile Durkheim Riots at soccer games

6 Group Conformity Family Friends Peer Work State City Nation Race
Gender We conform to the various groups in our lives. Members of a group will conform even if personal preferences are not the same.

7 Sociological Imagination
The ability to see the link between society and self. This allows individuals to not be trapped due to their circumstances. Example Large families One child families Couples with no kids Two objects. Who manufactures? Who sells it? Who buys it? When originated Who uses it Who suffers from it

8 Jobs in Sociology Social Services Publishing Community Work Journalism
Corrections Public Relations Business Government Services College Teaching Health Services

9 Overview of Sociology Topics
Intro/ History Race and Ethnicity Inequalities Research Gender and Age Inequalities Culture Socialization Family Social Structure and Society Politics and Economics Religion Groups and Organizations Sport Social Control Population/ Urbanization Social Class Social Change

10 Will we have any privacy left?
The article describes some possible changes in how people will communicate, work, and live in the year Identify some of the future technology trends and innovations mentioned in the article. Describe the safeguards that will be added to future technology to protect individual privacy. Do you think the methods of keeping records in 2025 will be, as the article states, “far safer and more private than anything we have ever put on paper”? According to the author of the article, how will Americans manage to preserve their privacy despite technology innovations? Do you agree with the author’s suppositions about the American moral character? American citizens still have expectations of privacy in their daily lives. What aspects of privacy do you take for granted today? Do you think these expectations represent a basic honesty in the American character? Many aspects of one’s life will be handled through computers, such as banking and household management. Computers will be able to predict needs and order supplies, including food. Safeguards may include fingerprint or voice readings. All information about individuals will be kept on computer instead of paper, with more safeguards than are currently in place to protect privacy. In addition to technological protections, the author believes that Americans are basically honest and will protect privacy, and teach children to be ethical. Student opinions on this issue will vary. Americans expect the mail will be respected; credit card numbers and other information now given over telephone or internet will be safe. Students may discuss other areas that should be private conversations over the telephone, school and medical records, etc. Attitudes about public honesty will vary.

11 Important Sociologists
Major idea Brief Explanation Karl Marx Class Conflict Struggle between bourgeoisie class (owners) and the proletariat class (workers) Max Weber Verstehen Understanding social behavior by mentally putting yourself in the place of others. Auguste Comte Positivism Belief that sociology should be base on knowledge of which we can be “positive” or sure Emile Durkheim Mechanical Solidarity Organic Solidarity Societies exist because of broad consesnsus among members of society

12 Theoretical Perspectives
Functionalism Conflict Perspective Symbolic Perspective A society is a relatively integrated whole A society tends to seek relative stability Most aspects of a society contribute to the society’s well-being and survival. A society rests on the consensus of its members A society experiences inconsistency and conflict everywhere A society is continually subjected to change A society involves the constraint and coercion of some members by others. People’s interpretations of symbols are based on the meanings they learn from People base their interaction on their interpretations of symbols Symbols permit people to have internal conversations.. Thus, they can gear their interaction to the behavior that they think others expect of them and the behavior they expect of others.

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