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Battle of Lexington and Concord

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1 Battle of Lexington and Concord

2 Warm Up Questions What were the role of spies in the pre-revolutionary period? Was Paul Revere a spy? Provide evidence to support your answer. What was the reasons why General Gage sent troops to Lexington and Concord? What was the mission of the midnight riders?

3 Background Just before the Battle
Some 4,000 redcoats were stationed in Boston General Gage sent 700 troops to Concord, Mass. on April 18, 1775 To destroy or capture the ammunition and guns the colonists had accumulated in Concord Planned to arrest John Hancock and Samuel Adams: two prominent patriot leaders The midnight riders alerted the towns and the colonists prepared for the arrival of the British soldiers

4 The Battle “The New England governments are in a state of rebellion.”
King George Colonists were prepared for a fight Minutemen were called upon to fight When the British arrived, Captain Jonas Parker and 70 minutemen were waiting April 19, 1775: THE SHOT HEARD AROUND THE WORLD A British commander ordered the Americans to drop their weapons They refused, and shots were fired No one knows who fired the first shot

5 Battle cont.. There was an exchange of gunfire, and the Minutemen fled
British marched to Concord Destroyed the town’s supplies Militia men were beginning to come from all over the area A skirmish broke out at Concord’s North Bridge British retreated to Boston Were fired upon the whole way back Gage sent 1500 more soldiers to avoid disaster

6 Battle cont… The Revolutionary War had begun
After the first day of fighting British casualties: 273 American casualties: less than 100 Mass. Sent militia to capture two forts Ticonderoga and Crowne Point For a brief moment in history, farmers stood up to the greatest military in the world This empire defeated the French and Spanish!!

7 Lexington and Concord

8 Road between Lex and Con

9 Map of the Battle

10 Old North Bridge

11 Old North Bridge

12 In Memory

13 What This All Means “ A brothers’ sword has been sheathed in a brother’s heart, and the once-happy and peaceful plains of America are either to be drenched in blood or inhabited by a race of slaves. Can a virtuous man hesitate in his choice?” George Washington

14 Choose Your Side Americans now had a choice to make
War was inevitable--the British would send more troops and fight Who do the Americans side with?? Patriots: those who sided with the revolutionary cause (called rebels) Loyalists: those who supported the British The decisions made would tear apart communities, family and friends

15 Which side would you choose?
Patriots Pros: Independence and the chance to form your own nation No longer under the tyrannical rule of the British Have the peace and prosperity sought after Cons: Labeled as traitors, punishable by death Creating your own government Preparing to fight the greatest military power in the world without an army

16 Which side would you choose?
Loyalists Pros: Maintain the status quo Continue to have the same freedoms as before; just have the rights addressed Protection given by the greatest military in the world Cons Labeled as traitors No ability to participate in creation of government Going against communities, family and friends

17 Loyalist Vs. Patriot Debate
The colonists believed in the idea of sharing ideas and opinions in the form of debates: You will have a debate against one another Each group member will come up with 10 arguments supporting their side (Loyalist or Patriot) Why you are a Patriot, or Loyalist Tomorrow, you will organize your arguments with your group members You will choose 4 members to represent your side As a group, you will create an opening argument: at least 2-5 minutes long You will discuss potential arguments the other side will have and try to counter them with your own

18 Debate Rules I will be the mediator; controlling the time and the flow of the debate One side will present an argument, followed by a one minute rebuttal from the other side, followed by a 30 second response from the presenting side We will alternate sides until the 10 arguments have been fully presented You will write a one page reaction to the debate Include your thoughts on the idea of a debate, and whether or not you feel this forum works

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