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1.10 Employ sales-promotion activities to inform or remind customers of business/product.

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1 1.10 Employ sales-promotion activities to inform or remind customers of business/product

2 Design logo for sport/event

3 IMPORTANCE OF A LOGO Visual representation of the company
“The Face of the company” Anchors your brand Essential for overall marketing strategy 1st thing consumers see and remember

Company’s Brand Image What is the message you want to portray? Example: “Techy”, Traditional, Laid Back, Bold…. Simple – easy to remember Readability – if you can’t read, customers can’t Unique Attract Attention Need to Trademark

5 COMPONENTS OF LOGOS Logo Type Name of your company Tagline Visuals
brief description of your company or product Visuals Icon/Picture Text Colors

6 TYPES OF LOGOS Brand Mark Symbol Word mark Combination Mark
Abstract Design Word mark Uniquely styled font type that spells out the company or brand name Combination Mark Combination of a Brand Mark Symbol and a Word Mark

Eye-Catching Memorable Unique Simple Timeless Stay clear of design trends (ex: animal print)

Brand Image Competitor’s Logos Internet research Logo History Blogs/Social Media Graphic Designer

9 PROCEDURE to Design Logo
Know your Company: Brand Image (“Personality”) What message do you want to send about your company? Research your Competitors’ Logos Reference successful logo designs Use their ideas Design Sketching, graphic designer, etc. Reflection Receive feedback Reveal Present new logo to the market

10 “We Do” We are going to look at 30 different logos on the next slide. Write the following questions in your notes and use the next slide to answer them: Identify one symbolic, one word mark and one combination logo. What type of logo is most frequent? List two frequently used colors.

11 “You Do” Design a Logo You own the new Business in Charlotte, NC. Design your logo and discuss your procedure! This is what you need to know to create the new logo: Team Name (You think of one) Team Colors (You come up with them) Now, you need to go through the following procedure to create a new logo: (Answer the following on a sheet of paper) What are the traits that are unique to their company? What is the team’s personality/ Brand Image? What does their competitor’s logos look like? Design a logo for the team incorporating the Name AND the team colors Identify it as a Combination Logo, Symbolic OR Word Mark Logo

12 Design Tickets

Event or Team Name Date Time Place Cost/price Graphics/logos Promotional Coupons/sponsors Bar codes Seat Identification Restrictions/regulations

14 Types of Tickets E-Ticket (Electronic Ticket) Paper/ Hard copy
Print at home Mobile phone scan Paper/ Hard copy Season Tickets Multiple Game vs. Single Game Group Tickets

15 PURPOSE OF TICKETS Count attendees/reservations Minimize confusion
Collect fees and data Souvenir Advertising/revenue

Design the Ticket Template using THEME Choose font type, size and color Utilize both sides Choose what event information to include and where Purchase ticket paper for printing Include advertisements Embed a special watermarks to discourage counterfeiting activities

17 “We Do” Identify parts of this ticket

18 “You Do” Your Group will create a Ticket for one of the following:
Super Bowl Concert (You pick the band) Lake Norman Sporting Event Olympics 2016 in Brazil Include information from notes to include in slide This will be a paper/hard copy ticket

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