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Ceridian Time Professional for Exempt (salaried) Employees

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1 Ceridian Time Professional for Exempt (salaried) Employees

2 The first screen you will see is the log in screen
The first screen you will see is the log in screen. For your initial login, you will enter your Ceridian ID# in both the User Name and the Password area. The Company ID is mdu Please save this website in the Favorites on your browser so you can easily access the system in the future. Also, clicking Remember Me will only save your User Name and Company ID on your computer. If you are using a shared computer, do not click Remember Me. After clicking GO, the system will request that you change your password. The User Name will always be your Ceridian ID#. After you click SUBMIT, you will remain in the same screen and it will note “Password Successfully Changed”.

3 One important note before beginning
One important note before beginning. If you should ever need to go to a different screen while on the Time and Attendance system, do NOT hit the BACK button on the internet browser. Use the buttons in the Ceridian system.

4 Once you have successfully charged your password, go to the drop down box at the top of the page and select Home. This is the page where you will access your timecards for different pay periods. The Status column will show you which pay periods are “C” closed, which ones are “O” open and which are for “F” future dates. Click on the current “O” open pay period date that you want to enter exceptions for and this will take you into the data entry screen.

5 This screen is where you will enter any exception time taken
This screen is where you will enter any exception time taken. Click Add Rows, click on the DATE drop down box and choose the day you want to enter time for. In the TIME CODE drop down, pick the time code that you want to enter (flex, jury duty, etc), you are not able to enter vacation or personal time on this screen. Do not enter REGULAR time. You will only be recording time off. In the next box you will enter your time taken, in either 4 or 8 hour increments. If you have multiple days to enter, click the “Add Rows” button again and then select the date and finish entering your time. After you’re finished entering your time, click SUBMIT. Clicking SUBMIT will save your entries. Please check for errors above the orange line of your timecard. If you did not take any exception time for the pay period, all you will need to do is sign your timecard, the Total Hours will show 0. (instructions to follow). If you want to print your timecard, click the Printable button on the Operations Bar and then click your print button.

6 The Accrual button will take you to your benefit accrual balances
The Accrual button will take you to your benefit accrual balances. These balances reflect current data as of the last information that you saved on the system. Your personal and vacation time will be updated once your supervisor has approved your request. You can also access this information on your HOME page.

7 The top part in blue is where you would see a summary of the current timecard. Regular Hours in the blue summary box will always display 0 hours. Since MWU follows the payroll by exception policy, you will only see your exceptions, vacation, flex, personal, etc. listed in the summary box to the right of “Off”.   You will also be able to see if you have signed your timecard and if your supervisor has approved it. Also in this box is where you can access (View Other Periods) other pay periods if needed.

8 Time Code Request – Click on the drop down button at the top and select My Time System then click on Time Code Request. All vacation, personal days and consulting days will need to be requested through this process. Click Add, select the date/dates that you are requesting, select the accrual code and add comment if needed. If you are requesting the entire day, after selecting your time code you would click submit. If you are requesting 4 hours, you will need to enter a start and stop time that equals 4 hours, remember to use an “a” for am or a “p” for pm. If requesting time that includes the weekend, 2 requests will need to be done. If you are a salaried employee with an FTE less than a 1.0, you will need to enter a start time and a stop time that will equal the 4 or 8 hours you are requesting or you will be given a prorated day according to your FTE. The request is then sent to your supervisor for approval. After the time is approved it will automatically show on your timecard and the hours requested will be deducted from your accrual balance.

9 To Retract Vacation, Personal days or Consulting days – First you will need to locate the date. If the date is prior to the date shown in List for Dates, you will need to click on the calendar next to the date shown, choose the date you are looking for and click Refresh List which in located right above the date you have chosen. Click on the date you would like to retract, locate Status then click on the drop down, select Retract and Submit. If after requesting your time off, and your request is still pending, you see that the hours are incorrect click on the date and make the changes to the hours. Remember to use “a” for am and “p” for pm.

10 When you are finished entering your exceptions at the end of the pay period, enter your password in the box below (this will be the same as the password you entered when you logged into the system). Then click on the SIGN button. This will indicate to your supervisor that your timecard is ready for their approval. Once you click the Sign button it will change to read Unsign. If you sign your timecard and find an error afterward, UNSIGN the card, make the changes and then Sign it entering your password again.

11 This is the Pay Period Summary page
This is the Pay Period Summary page. You can access this page by clicking on Pay Period Summary from the Timecard page. After you have signed your timecard, an X will appear in the Sign box and after your supervisor has approved your timecard, an X will appear in the Approval box.

12 When you are finished, use the LOG OUT button to exit the Ceridian system. Do not use the X in the upper right hand corner of the browser. Link to Ceridian Time Pro If you have any questions or concerns, please Lisa Podbevsek or Debbie Dabaco

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