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Online Clock In/Out Employee User Guide

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1 Online Clock In/Out Employee User Guide

2 Welcome to Resourcing Edge Payroll Solution’s Log in Screen
User Name – First initial in your first name followed by your last name. Example = John Smith = JSmith  **If you have a common last name check with your Human Resources Department on your username*** Password – Default System Password is the last 4 of your social security number. You will be prompted to change the password upon initial login. You can then control the password in the system under My Account  My Settings  Change Password. Problems Logging In? – Click this link to reset your password if you have forgotten it. It will require you to enter your user name and then 9 digit social security number (without dashes).

3 How to Clock In/Out You can clock in/out of the time system without having to login to the system. Simply enter your username and password and select the Clock In/Out button. You will receive a “Successful” notification when the correct username and password are entered (see below). The system will time stamp your electronic timesheet with the time shown at the upper right hand corner of the screen.

4 How to Log In To log in to the system to view your timesheet, request time off, view pay statements and several other tasks simply enter the same user name and password and select log in.

5 Once you log in your home screen will show up
Once you log in your home screen will show up. This screen is your Dashboard. From the Dashboard you can navigate around the system to view your employee information. Including pay statements, timesheets, time off request, accrual balances etc. In this Manual we will be specifically talking about Timesheets, Timesheet Request Changes and Time off Request. Please refer to your Employee Self Service Guide to learn about other parts of the system.

6 My Timesheet Menu My Account  My Timesheet From this menu there are 3 options. My Current Timesheet will allow you to Clock In/Clock Out, view your current times in and out and allow you to Request Timesheet Changes. My Historical Timesheets will allow you to see past payroll periods in detail with clock in and out times. Timesheet Change Request will allow you to view Change Request that have been submitted and their status. You will also be able to delete Change Request here.

7 My Current Timesheet On your current time sheet you will see the dates for the current pay period and any of your times that have been entered from the Clock In/Out process. You also have the ability to clock in/out from this screen using the button located at the top of the timesheet.

8 Once you clock in for the morning you will notice a “
Once you clock in for the morning you will notice a “?” will show up in the clock out area. This shows that you have not clocked out. Anytime you miss a clock in or out time you will also see the “?” show up. To edit the time you will need to send a Timesheet Change request to your Supervisor/Manager.

9 Timesheet Change Request
As an employee the only way to change/edit your timesheet is to submit a Change Request form to your Supervisor/Manager. To put in a Change Request, from My Current Timesheet select Change Request at the bottom of the screen.

10 There are 3 options in a Timesheet Change Request: Cancel Time off-This is to Cancel approved PTO request Modify Punch In- This will allow you to request to change a time clocked in or a missed clock in punch. Modify Punch Out- This will allow you to request to change a time clocked out or a missed clock out punch.

11 Modify Punch In/Out When you select Modify Punch In/Out, the next screen will be a selection of dates you can modify. Select the Blue Pad and Pencil next to the date you wish to change.

12 The following screen will open up the Time From or Time To depending on if you are modifying the punch in or out. Enter the Time you would like your timesheet to show, then hit Submit Changes.

13 A Request Change Comment box will appear
A Request Change Comment box will appear. Enter a reason for the change and hit REQUEST. This will prompt the system to notify your Supervisor/Manager of your request. If the request is approved by your Supervisor/Manager the system will automatically update your timesheet to the requested time. No further action is needed.

14 To view the status of a Time sheet change request go to My Account  My Timesheet  Timesheet Change Request Status: New-recently submitted Approved-Supervisor/Manager has approved and all timesheet changes have taken place Rejected-Supervisor/Manager did not approve the change

15 Requesting Time Off To put in a request for Time off in the Main Menu select My Account  My Time Off  Request

16 You will need to complete the screen below for a Time off request.
You will need to complete the screen below for a Time off request. Start by selecting the Type of Time off you are requesting. Select the Magnifying Glass to select Time off A menu will pop up for you to select from.

17 After selecting the type of Time off , fill in the time you are requesting off: Full Day – click on the calendar button to pick the date you are requesting time off. Partial Day – click on the calendar button to pick the date you are requesting time off for. Fill in the start time and end time of your time off request. Multiple Days – click on the calendar buttons to fill in the start date and end date of your request for time off. You MUST include a comment, then click Submit Request. An will be sent to your Supervisor/Manager to notify them of your request. If you need to cancel a Time Off request, you will need to access the Change Timesheet Request and select Cancel Request.

18 Cancel Time Off Request Requests can only be cancelled once they are approved. To cancel the request go to: My Account My Timesheet  My Current Timesheet Use the to locate the Timesheet showing your time off request. Once in that specific Timesheet select Change Request at the bottom of the screen, in the next menu select Cancel Time Off In the next screen checkmark the boxes associated with the Time Off you would like to Cancel. Then select Submit Changes A comment box will appear. After entering your comment select Request. You Supervisor/Manager will receive an notification with your cancellation request. Once they approve this request in the system your timesheet will update automatically.

19 Submitting you Timesheet for approval At the end of the pay period you will need to submit your timesheet for approval to your Supervisor/Manager. You will need to access your timesheet by going to: My Account  My Timesheet  My Current Timesheet One this screen you will be on you current timesheet. You will need to submit your previous timesheet for approval. You can pull up your previous timesheet by selecting Previous Timesheet located at the bottom right hand side of the screen. Once in your previous timesheet check your times and make sure you have no missing Clock In/Clock Out punches. If you do you will need to submit Timesheet Change Request prior to submitting your timesheet. If your timesheet is complete all you will need to do is click Submit For Approval located at the bottom of your screen. A comment box will pop up. This box is optional. Click on OK. Make sure at the top of your screen you see a green check mark.  Once you see Timesheet Submitted you have completed all the steps necessary. Your Supervisor/Manager will receive an notification that you have submitted your timesheet, they can then approve or reject the timesheet.

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