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USER Introduction to time off manager (T.O.M.)

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1 USER Introduction to time off manager (T.O.M.)

2 Login Page To access the Time Off Manager System, you will need to go to the following web address: To request time off you will always need to start from this login page; it may be helpful to bookmark the address in your web browser.

3 Login Credentials The Company ID will always be MO24601.
You will then enter your Username and Password (these should be provided to you via ). Be certain to store your Password and Username in a safe place!

4 Home Screen Once logged in you will see this, your home screen.
This is where you will initiate future time-off requests, check request statuses, and see your time off balances. In the following slides you will be shown the process with which you initiate new requests for time off.

5 New Requests Click on “Time-Off Request”
To start your new request, you will click the New Request drop down button from the top Menu.

6 Requests Page You will now see a page that will allow you to make your request. This page also displays your current time-off accruals and pending balances. You have the option to request a Full Day off, a Partial Day off, or Multiple Days off depending on your needs.

7 Full Day Requests For requesting full days off, make sure that you first select the appropriate button under item 1. Under item number 2 you will select the calendar day for your time off.

8 Full Day Requests Continued..
In item 3 you will have the option to choose which type of time-off you will be using. Most times you will use your PTO (paid time off). This is the time off that you will accrue every pay day. The other types of time-off will be explained in detail in later slides.

9 Full Day Requests Continued..
Item 4 asks you how many hours should be assigned to the day off. The default is set for 8 hours. If your full day is less or more than the default (part-time employee or summer schedule), change the number of hours assigned to the full day to reflect the correct number.

10 Partial Day Requests You will select your day off as usual then, you will select the specific times that you need off. Select the Partial Day button to request only part of one day off.

11 Partial Day Requests Continued..
You have the option to include your lunch time as part of the time you will be taking off during your partial day. Simply specify the length of your lunch time and it will be deducted from the time you are requesting off to ensure you do not deduct PTO for your lunch time.

12 Multiple Day Requests To request multiple full days off, click the Multiple Days off button. You will then be prompted to enter the consecutive days that you need off; this works in essentially the same way as the Full Day request process. Once complete, click on the Submit Request button.

13 Submitting Your Request
Once you click the Submit button at the bottom off your request you will then be prompted for more information before your final request is sent. This page will outline the details of your request and, before submission, you can also provide details of the purpose behind your request if you desire.

14 Viewing Pending Requests
After confirming your request, you will be taken back to your home page with the pending request shown on the calendar with a red question mark next to it.. Your request has now been submitted to your supervisor for approval.

15 Viewing Pending Requests Continued…
If you click on the request within your calendar you will be able to view the details and status of your request. If your request was made in error you have the option to cancel it if needed.

16 Approved Time Off Requests
When your request has been approved by your supervisor, you will see a blue checkmark next to your request. An will also be sent to your account when your request review has been completed.

17 “My Profile” Tab From your home screen you may also access your My Profile tab at the top menu bar. From this tab you can view your account’s address, name, and position info. You must contact Human Resources if you need to change any of this information aside from your password.

18 “My Summary” Tab By clicking the My Summary tab at the top menu you can access a summary of your time off accruals. You can also view the total amounts of time taken off thus far.

19 Types of Time Off (PTO) New employees will begin accrual of PTO from their first date of work, and will have full access to this benefit after an initial 3-month probationary period. A maximum number of hours per year is allowed. This maximum number increases over time based on the employee's length of service with MCC (see the following link for more detailed information on PTO: PTO is automatically provided to College staff so that you may have the opportunity to take time away from work without loss of compensation; bi-weekly additions will be made to this account.

20 Types of Time Off (Catastrophic Leave)
Catastrophic Leave is for circumstances under which a non-job related serious health condition might cause an employee to exhaust accrued PTO leave and be without pay. For further information on Catastrophic Leave, please refer to the following information: Catastrophic Leave is a benefit that is meant to serve as an emergency resource.

21 Types of Time Off (Comp Time)
In the event that an employee may have to work a day that has been designated by the College as a paid holiday, they will be reimbursed the respective number of hours worked through their Comp Time category in TOM.

22 Types of Time Off (Lifetime Accumulation)
Your Lifetime Accumulation category represents hours that have gone unused and have been put in this category at the beginning of each fiscal year. This category serves as a time off savings account of sorts. Lifetime Accumulation is used in the same manner as your PTO time off.

23 Other Types of Time Off This table gives you a guide to the different colors that will appear on your calendar requests based on the type of leave you have requested. The types of leave that have not yet been addressed in this demo are Bereavement Leave, Sick Leave Reserve, Faculty Leave, Professional Leave, Leave Without Pay, and Jury Duty. Bereavement Leave is granted to an employee should they need to take time off for the death of an immediate family member. Full details can be viewed here: Faculty Leave is specific to Resident Faculty in the College. It works the same as PTO time off. More information can be found here: Professional Leave is used when an employee is out of the office for out-of-town meetings, conferences, etc. This does not deduct any hours from the individual’s PTO or Lifetime Accumulation. Leave Without Pay is used in the event that an absence is not backed by PTO or any other time off type. Jury Duty time off is used in the event that an employee is called to serve as a potential juror. More information can be found here: You are now ready to use Time Off Manager! If you have any questions regarding T.O.M. then please contact the Human Resources office at or extension #1274. Last Updated JT

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