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Andrew Carnegie Physical Education

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1 Andrew Carnegie Physical Education

2 Dribbling A succession of forward kicks in which the player keeps the ball under control. accuracy - keeping the ball close using inside / outside of foot speed - hit ball with the shoe laces.

3 Passing / Trapping Passing Trapping
Advancing the ball from one player to another player by means of a kick. One touch pass Two touch pass Trapping Stopping the progress of the ball by securing it under the foot, between the feet, or between the front of the leg or legs and the ground. ‘How to play soccer close’

4 Blocking / Handling Blocking Handling
Intercepting the progress of the ball with some part of the body. (It is legal to block with the arms and hands IF they are in total contact with the body) Handling Contacting the ball intentionally with the hand or any part of the arm results in a free kick for opponent.

5 Squad drills xxxx cone cone ball xx xx Dribbling
Dribble out to cone and back 3 times: using inside of foot using outside of foot alternating inside and outside of foot using laces for speed xxxx cone cone ball Passing Pass on ground and follow ball to opposite side using: single touch two touch with inside of foot two touch using outside of foot xx xx *Time permitting play 4 on 4 keep away using designated open areas. 1 point is equal to 3 uninterrupted passes or Monkey in the middle- circle of six , two in the middle stress pressure and coverage.

6 The game Back door Soccer
3 on 3 team play The object of the game is to put the ball through your opponents goal from the backside. There are no touch lines or end lines. Approximate field size 100 feet long, goal area 10 feet. The Field ball cone goal 10’ 100’

7 King / Queen field 16 fields - Winner rotation (clockwise) L W

8 Rules / Regulations Fouls
Starts Beginning of game - Center of field After a scored goal – Center of field Ties are rock/paper/siccored Two games per period – winners rotate on whistle Loser on King / Queen court rotates clockwise Fouls Tripping an opponent Kicking an opponent Striking an opponent Jumping at an opponent Holding an opponent Pushing an opponent Intentional handling of the ball Unnecessary roughness High kicking Low heading The result of a foul shall be a free indirect kick for opponent

9 Get a kick out of the game!
Words of Wisdom Soccer is control Pass accurately Play safe Enjoy the challenge Practice the skills Know the rules Show good sportsmanship Have fun Get a kick out of the game!

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