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Volleyball Lesson.

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1 Volleyball Lesson

2 COURT DIAGRAM 1. Side Line 3. Right Front 4. Right Back 2. Center Line
Name ___________________________ Period ___________________________ Date ____________________________ COURT DIAGRAM Side Line Right Front Right Back Center Line Middle Back Service Line Left Back Attack Line-10 ft Line Middle Front Left Front

3 Volleyball Lesson Rules:
11. A team consists of ________ players, three located in the front of the attack line and three behind. 12. Play begins when a player attempts to _________ the ball over the net into the opposing teams court. 13. The opposing team must use a combination of no more than________ contacts with the volleyball to return to the opponent’s side of the net. 14. A _________ is scored when the ball touches the court or an error is made. 6 Serve three point

4 Volleyball Lesson Rules:
15. When the service team loses possession of the ball the opposing team is said to have __________ . 16. Balls that contact the line are considered ________. 17. Serves that contact the net, but go over the net are _________ . 18. The game is played until one team reaches a score of ________ and is ahead of their opponent by ______. Sideout in playable 25 2

5 Volleyball Lesson Rules:
When the server crosses the service line, it is called a foot _________. A serve that does not go over the net or does not land in the opponent’s side of the court is called a _______ ________. A player who steps across the center line or touches the net is said to have committed a ________. After a sideout the new serving team rotates ____________. fault service error foul clockwise

6 Volleyball Lesson Skills: 23. Serve 1 2 3 4 5
Hold ball in non-dominant hand, hitting hand held high. Foot opposite hitting hand forward & knees bent. Toss - Toss ball above head, in front & consistent. Step - Step forward transferring weight from rear to front foot. Hit – Contact with open palm (Stiff wrist! Punch it! Hit the back of ball!)

7 Volleyball Lesson Skills: 24. Passing 1 2 3 4 5
Straddle position-feet wide, right foot forward, knees bent, chest down. Hands together, thumbs aligned and wrists to floor. Form Platform with elbows extended and close together. Contact ball low, near waist level, midline of body whenever possible. Push ball to target - transfer your weight from rear to front foot.

8 Volleyball Lesson Skills: 25. Setting 1 2 3 4 5
Beat the ball to net/target position and wait. Right foot forward, knees bent-feet, hips, and shoulders square to target. Hands up early-elbows bent, thumbs back, ball shaped hands. Contact ball above forehead with finger pads. Extend through the ball to the target – Fly like a superhero.

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