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Corner Kick Mark

3 PLAYER POSITIONS Goalie: The ONLY player who can use hands inside penalty box. Protects the goal. Fullbacks: Defenders, protect back third of the field. Midfielders (halfbacks): Play both offense and defense, play makers, set up passes Forwards: Offense, score goals, stay in front third of field

There are 11 players per team, 1 goalie and any combination for the other 10 positions. FORWARDS FULLBACKS GOALIE MIDFIELDERS

5 The Game A match consists of two 45 minute halves.
A kick off is used to start the game, and restart after a goal has been scored. The kick off takes place in the center circle. A throw in is used to restart the game when the ball goes out of bounds over the sideline. The team that did not kick it out throws it in. Both feet on the ground and the ball is thrown overhand from behind your head with both hands

6 The Game Cont. A Goal Kick is used when the OFFENSIVE team kicks the ball over the DEFENSIVE teams end line. The ball starts in the goal box, and must clear the penalty box. A Corner Kick is used when the DEFENSIVE team kicks the ball over their own end line. The ball starts within the corner kick mark

7 Terminology Dribbling: a series of short passes to yourself. Control Dribble: keep the ball very close to you, maneuvering the ball through “traffic” (defenders). Speed Dribble: Used in open space, It is important not to break your stride, keep ball under control, but not so close to you. Shooting: Propelling the ball at the goal

8 Terminology Cont. Pass: Used to get the ball to a teammate. A push pass, 5 – 15 yards away, using the inside of your foot. Trap: Using your body to block the ball and get it under control. Any part of your body, except your hands, arms, or shoulders. Header: Using your head to redirect the ball. Use your forehead and hairline to make contact with the ball.

9 Violations Hand Ball: touching the ball with any part of your hand, arm, or shoulder. Pushing Tripping Slide tackling from behind All violations are a free kick for the other team

10 Strategies OFFENSIVE:
Stay spread out, do not stand too close to your teammate. Open up the field, create spaces for passes. Pass the ball quick, and crisp to a teammate, rather than dribbling down the field. Remember an accurate pass can beat the fastest dribbler.

11 Strategies Cont. DEFENSIVE:
Go to the player with the ball, do not wait for the player to come to you. Step in front of the other player to prevent him/her from getting the pass.

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