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1 Basketball

2 The Game played with 5 players on each team two teams
official game consists of 8 minutes end in a tie = overtime played 4 minutes.

3 Scoring Basket scores two points if in front of the 19’9” circle
Behind the circle its three points Free Throw is one point

4 Terms

5 Closely Guarded- defensive player guards within 3 feet of the player with the ball
Dribble- a player gives impetus to the ball one or more times, causing it to rebound from the floor and then touches or regains possession of it. Held ball- a player holding the ball more than five seconds when closely guarded. ball goes to the opponents. Traveling- illegal progression (more than 1 ½ steps) in any direction while retaining possession of the ball while in bounds. Offensive team- team that has possession of the ball Defensive team- does not have the ball and trying to keep the other team from scoring

6 Violations

7 Intentionally kicking or punching the ball
double dribble holding the ball more than 5 seconds bouncing the ball to self on a throw-in from out-of-bounce traveling throwing for a basket from out-of-bounce catch the ball instead of tapping it on a jump palming the ball- momentarily resting the ball on the hand during the dribble stepping in the side line while in possession of the ball

8 stepping on free throw line while a teammate is going for a free throw
Violations Continued stepping on free throw line while a teammate is going for a free throw offensive player in the free throw line 3 seconds illegal free throw team has 10 seconds to bring ball across the center line from back court to front court

9 During a free throw – violations
by offensive- the goal if made, does not count (i.e. offensive player commits violation by defensive- the goal if made shall count, if missed the free throw is repeated by players of both teams- no score is made ball goes to team with possession arrow

10 Fouls Examples tripping pushing charging blocking

11 Free Throws correct positions during a free throw, both lanes spaces adjacent to the end line should be occupied by the defending team middle two spaces are occupied by the offense. shooter wait till ball hits the rim

12 # of free throws Three free throw Two free throws one free throw
foul against a filed goal shooter whose try is unsuccessful form behind the 19’9” circle Two free throws foul against a field goal shooter whose try is not successful one free throw foul against field goal shooter who try is successful any common foul by the defense

13 Alternate Possession second, third and fourth quarter
when a jump ball is called double violation double dribble

14 Catching and Passing move to meet pass
thumbs rotate downward- chest pass different types two hand chest pass one hand baseball throw two hand over throw pass one hand bounce pass two hand bounce pass

15 Shooting jump shot- hard to guard - can be shot ,while on the move or while stationary one hand set shot usually a medium range shot hook shot developed by post player focus on rim, arc on shot, use finger tips lay up – shot taken up close to goal push off correct foot (opposite shooting hand) go up into air as high as possible lay shot up gently

16 Guarding Defense is an important part of basketball Watch the waist
team that can play defense as well as offense has an advantage on an opponent who can only shoot

17 Other……… Rebounding one of the most important fundamentals of basketball Two Types defensive offensive Time outs- four per game Ball size- women 28 ½”- 29” men 29 ½”- 30” Faking maneuver that can shake a player loose for a shot, a pass, or a cut to the goal. Faking can be done with or without the ball

18 Defensive Team man to man- more pressure on ball, play between ball and basket, permits matching of size, speed, quickness Variations of zone 2-1-2 2-3 3-2

19 Offense Team Playing offense pass quickly overload to one side
send a player through the middle use post player move to meet the ball shot fakes

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