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1 volleyball

2 Teams Players - 6 Positions- Right back, right front, center front, left front, center back.

3 Definition Of Terms Forearms pass- bouncing it simultaneously off both forearms Illegal Hits- player catches, holds, lifts, pushes, throw, or rests the ball momentarily in the hands Match- team wins two out of three games. Net Recovery- attempt to play a ball that has been hit into the net. Pass-set-spike-play– three contacts of the ball consisting usually of a bump, set, and spike.

4 More…. Point – any team fails to return the ball legally to opponents court Rotation - shifting of all players in a clockwise direction to get into position for service Serve - method of putting the balling play (behind the end line of the court.) Serve order – order the serve Set- overhead technique of putting the ball up into the air.

5 More… Side Out- Any team fails to win its point of plays the ball illegal Spike- striking of the ball with the hand above net height to send the ball forcefully downward into the opponent’s court.

6 Playing the game Paper, Scissors, Rock to decide serve
Score- end of the game is at 25, two points ahead of to win the game. Scoring- during the course of the game are eligible to score points. Three volleys by teams- three hits before it sent over the net Ball touches the boundary line is still good End of one game the teams changes courts and positions Serving order- alternate serving at the beginning of each game.

7 Legal Serve Hit the ball directly off the holding hand
Hit the ball after tossing it directly upward form the holding hand Hit the ball with only one hand open or closed. step on or over the end line after the ball has been hit Serve ball that hits the net and crossed over is legal

8 Ball Crossing The Net Some part of the ball must pass over either one of the markers on the net or within the two markers. A ball, including a serve, striking the net and going over is still in play. The ball may be played when any part of it has crossed the top of the net. Side Out- if any player commits any if the following acts it shall be side out , point.

9 Serves the ball illegally
ball is not definitely hit ball goes into the net ball fails to reach the net ball strikes an object directly over the court serve is assisted by another player server commits a foot fault.

10 Plays the Ball illegally
fails to return the ball legally Catches or holds the ball plays the ball more then once in succession volleys the ball a fourth time illegal contact back row player returns a ball which is completely above the net form a position on or in front the 10 foot line.

11 Plays illegally at net holds or pushes the ball against the net
touches the net with any part of the body while the ball is in play reaches over the net to play a ball completely on the other side of the net except to block reaches under the net in such a way as to cause interference with play on the opposite court a back court player may not attempt to play above the net

12 Fouls Double Foul- players of opposing teams commit a foul at the same time. If this should occur, the play shall be repeated. Foot fault On the serve both feet must remain completely behind the end line until the ball is contacted A player must not step completely over the center line.

13 A little diagram LB CB RB LF CF RF

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