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Your moment is here. 4 the most powerful selling environment in social media The social media environment has just gone to the Stars, the First Monetized.

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2 4 the most powerful selling environment in social media The social media environment has just gone to the Stars, the First Monetized Social Network is finally here. Get all the social media applications in one platform; to sell your business, your products, your personal items or services.

3 79 of all internet users are on or involved in some social network did you know We are like City Search, Group On, Facebook and Amazon all in one platform.

4 you can have it all in one package with at TODHD you’ll find the exclusive branded social network of the Stars at your fingertips bringing you global news and information, incredible deals with discounts from shopping to business opportunities. Powered by

5 what is TODHD? TODHD offers Social Networking, with more bells and whistles then all the others. TODHD offers Classified Ads and Postings, where you can buy, sell, or find quickly. TODHD offers Coupons and Discounts, where you can save on your daily purchases. TODHD offers STARS and CELEBRITIES, to promote YOUR Business. TODHD offers Streaming HD-TV on Demand, with Exclusive Concerts and Shows. TODHD offers STAROPOLY, a world class home based business opportunity. STAROPOLY provides you with a powerful Business Opportunity for a $99.00 start up, and then just $49.00 per month, where you can choose to build and override a large sales organization, or just build a strong residual income selling our Business to Business packages. Or do both, it’s your choice!! STAROPOLY $99.00 start up includes your personal On-Line Ecommerce Store. It is many different things all under one umbrella…

6 it’s your world With the exclusive worldwide celebrity and marketing driven arm of TODHD, the most integrated social networking platform has been created to form STAROPOLY! No matter what country you go to, one thing’s always the same…people love their favorite STARS and CELEBRITIES… Singers, Actors, Athletes, Comedians, Motivational Speakers, TV Personalities and the list goes on and on!! with MILLIONS ready to follow you to the many money making business opportunities

7 we bring it Have you ever wanted to be in the right place at the right time? Well you are right NOW!! This is your chance to earn the type of money people only dream about. Some people call it FIRST MOVER ADVANTAGE!! Call it what you want, bottom line, opportunity is knocking!! STAROPOLY just may be your ticket to the Success and Security you deserve. The world’s first monetized social network of the Stars! Kelsey Grammer

8 we’ve created the perfect interactive social business platform There has never been anything like STAROPOLY !! As you know, there are social communities out there that have as many as 500 million members. But none of them even come close to offering you what we have to offer!!

9 your very own Staropoly Rep site All you have to do to start changing your future today, is join, and then get the word out to all your friends, family and business associates ASAP!! Then just watch your team and your income take off and grow like wildfire.

10 we believe in you Staropoly makes it easy for you to sell to new potential distributors and business merchants! STAROPOLY $99.00 start up includes our HD Video Email and Conference “ StarEmail ”. STAROPOLY $99.00 start up includes a basic listing in TODHD Business Directory. STAROPOLY $99.00 start up includes Comprehensive Training from experts that teach you how to Market your Product or Service to the masses via Blogging and more. STAROPOLY $99.00 start up includes your own International Pay Card where you will receive your weekly commissions. Your own Self-Replicating STAROPOLY Marketing Website. Ability to track all activity and earnings in Real- Time in your Back Office. STAROPOLY $99.00 start up includes many different Marketing and Communication Tools, like White Boards, Video Blogs and so much more. Plus – Star Channel Guide is the first branded social network of the Stars - many Hollywood and Sports entertainers and celebrities broadcast live on the network. You Get All This For Only $99 and $49/month – plus Star Channel Guide

11 our star studio business package has it all Starting with its business flagship Video Mail HD and Video Conference, making it easy for you to sell to potential new distributors and business merchants! StarMail StarCaster StarChat Business Listening Socialize Mobile Office StarStore StarClass Business Star Public Access Star Service

12 unleash the power of your sales and communication StarMail Sending a Video Email HD is as easy as sending a regular email. Unleash the power of video email without breaking a sweat – or the bank. Video Conferencing Globally The best way to save money, time and travel is to collaborate over the web using Staropoly HD Video Conferencing

13 Its yours for only $99 and $49 monthly

14 get on board and be socially interactive with the stars of the world We look forward to you joining the Staropoly family! Powered by

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