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“Consistency is Key!” A Quick Guide to Online Marketing By Virtual Marketing Empire, LLC

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1 “Consistency is Key!” A Quick Guide to Online Marketing By Virtual Marketing Empire, LLC

2 Getting to Know the Basics! Social media marketing refers to the process of gaining website traffic or attention through social media sites.~ Wikpedia Internet marketing, or online marketing, refers to advertising and marketing efforts that use the Web and email to drive direct sales via electronic commerce. Blogging- A type of online diary that someone makes available to other people on the internet. (A very popular way to communicate one's personal details without any social interaction.)

3 All Roads Lead to Success! Main Objective is Residual Income How? Consistency is Key. Develop an audience while targeting a specific niche.

4 Right now you are probably saying to yourself, “I am not a good writer.” or “Who has time to blog?” or Why Blog? Below we describe the opportunities that come with Blogging:  Establish Yourself as an Expert in your Field.  An Opportunity to Promote Your Products/Services/Affiliate Links  Cheaper and Much More Flexible Than Print Advertising  Collect Emails.  Self Expression.  Get Immediate Feedback.  Gain Influence from a Wide Audience that Trust and Respects You over time. Truth is you do not have to be a good writer nor do you have to have the time! There are so many blogging tools and resources that make blogging these days super fast and easy while still having really good content and a professional layout. If you need a great blogging platform built to make you money click here!here Step 1. Blogging

5 Step 2. Ways to Share your content Social Media Sites –(For helpful information to learn how to get started on most social media sites click here)click here Directories- (Sign up for a discounted price in he hottest rising marketing platform for Home Based Businesses click here click here Blogs- (For a blogging platform that is built to make you money click here. Webinars- (For the newest Webinar platform click here)here Forums Internet Marketing PPC (Pay Per Click) Search Engine Optimization (To learn more about SEO visit VME Free Online Marketing Training Center here)here Corporate Site (Save 50% off hosting services here)here Extranet (sites that need permission to access) Search Marketing (see definition)(see definition) Syndicated Web Marketing Email Marketing (Try Aweber for $1.00 the first month here)here Banner Ads/Skyscrapers Live Streaming Backlinks Interactive Platforms Why share my content? Writing a blog brings more value to one site than images and links. Blogging impacts the worlds of politics, business and society with their words. Most of these marketing sites and tools listed above are little to no cost to get started. Visit our site here for a full list of products and services to get your business

6 Step 3. Networking Do you really know what Networking is?? Traditional networking includes all of the common forms of identifying contacts, reaching out to them, and even setting up informational interviews with them. This applies online or in person. Friending like minded individuals that share common interests are not the only prospects those that you want to network with. Sometimes reaching out of your niche also may grow your network, give you more exposure as well as giving others outside your niche the opportunity to see that you have something worth of value to offer to them. View the Virtual Marketing Empire’s Business Networking Questionaire. You are welcome to use these questions to help you market your business opportunities, products and services.Questionaire

7 Why Do Marketers Get Lost in Social Media Marketing? Please answer the 5 questions below: Do you contact strangers daily to share your opportunities? Do you go back to look at your ads and you cannot find your post? Do you promote your Blog daily in Social Media sites with no feedback? Do you want to list your business by niche or keyword? Do you feel like a sheep following the social marketing herd? Why does this happen? Social Media sites are for networking. (Refer to previous slide.) Unless you pay for ads on these sites, spamming these platforms with ads and the “mine is better than yours” motto, marketers such as yourself will in time fall into the trap of getting lost in social media marketing. Posting your ads is great to do in these sites to receive more exposure, however copy and pasting every hour on the hour is not. Learn more about AdGrabber.Biz the hottest rising home based business marketing platform here!here

8 Blog Keywords Headings Tags Links/Backlinks Banners Network in the Comments Share Facebook Twitter Pinterest Google Plus StumbleUpon Tumbler Network Comment/Like on your own posts. Get to know your audience. Use a marketing questionnaire. ***The most important factor is to develop a routine EVERY day. Some Marketers have only a Facebook or maybe Facebook and Pinterest. What ever platforms you network and share your content in it must be implemented daily! It is key to be consistent to get exposure and noticed more by those in your circles. It is from that point your ads will reach further and further outside of your network and reach more bigger audiences.

9 Results Looking back in this presentation we learned how to expand your network in social media sites, marketing platforms and through blogging. The basic steps of getting exposure for your business is: Blog, Promote, Network. We learned why blogging is so important & how to circulate it. We discovered ways share your content through interactive platforms and internet marketing. We explained what networking is and offered an extensive networking questionnaire on our Virtual Marketing Empire website. We explained why marketers get lost in social media sites. We discussed what the benefits of being consistent why Consistency is Key!! You know hold the key to A Quick Guide to Online Marketing and utilizing this method will lead you to growing your audience, getting more exposure and all your roads can lead to Success!

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