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Leveraging Social Patterns The Missing Link Between Social & Email Marketing Hosted by: Presented by: Jenn Markey Director Business.

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1 Leveraging Social Patterns The Missing Link Between Social & Email Marketing Hosted by: Presented by: Jenn Markey Director Business Development, Protus

2 Highlights  Intro  Email vs. Social Media Round 7  Importance of Segmentation  Social  Email  Social + Email = Engagement  Q&A

3 About Protus  Online communications tools for small business  Founded in 1997  Over 500,000 paying subscribers and growing  Makers of:  Affordably-priced, easy to use, and backed by 24/7 customer support  Award Winner

4 Is it really a matter of Email versus Social Media?

5 NO  Video didn’t kill the radio star  YouTube didn’t knock off TV  Twitter didn’t shutdown blogging BUT…  In each case, new technologies forced incumbents to evolve  Same is true for email marketing!

6 Email marketing  Has become increasingly regulated  Doesn’t have that hip factor  Email is now in 3 rd place in terms of ‘share of time’ online, down 28% y-o-y, while social networking the leader is up 43% y-o-y – Nielsen  BUT… email marketing is stronger than ever  42% of US consumers cited that they prefer to receive ads for sales & specials via email compared to 3% who preferred social networking sites - eConsultancy

7 WHAT?  Social gets you on people’s radars  But is it the right people?  What are they hearing?  What actions are they taking?  Also depends on who you’re trying to reach

8 8

9 What it really comes down to is SEGMENTATION Segment:  Is distinct from other segments (different segments have different needs),  Is homogeneous within the segment (exhibits common needs);  Responds similarly to a market stimulus, and  Can be reached by a market intervention - Wikipedia


11 Segmenting within context of web 2.0 ContentSegmentRelationshipChannel FREEPublic domain May be ad sponsored Free excerpts Don’t pay May never pay AnonymousSocial FREMIUMRegisteredMay pay laterKnownEmail PAIDDirect paidPay today Will they pay later? TrustedEmail & Social

12 Also need to segment your marketing objectives What are you trying to accomplish?  Awareness  Demand creation  Conversion  Loyalty  Brand ambassadors  … What is your audience seeking to accomplish?  Research available solutions  Compare  Buy  Influence others  …

13 …And segment the buying process 13 ResearchComparisonPreferenceTrialConvictionPurchase Post Purchase

14 Segmentation = Relevancy

15 ResearchComparisonPreferenceTrialConvictionPurchase Post Purchase Social’s Role in the Buying Process  It affects discovery, preference and post purchase experience

16 Email’s Role in the Buying Process ResearchComparisonPreferenceTrialConvictionPurchase Post Purchase  Email pushes conversions through, reduces post purchase dissonance, & is an important source of ongoing lead nurturing

17 Social for Research 3,190 results! Also lets you hear what is being said about your brand

18 Social for Public Relations

19 Social for Loyalty and List Building…

20 Social to drive traffic to your website & build your list Capture emails from visitors

21 Critical Link – now you have that email…  Email:  Email is a form of self-segmentation  You know something about them  You’ve started to engage  They’ve started to trust you  Social:  Influencers Product reviews  Track them back to your CRM Where do they live? –Press –Evangelists –Detractors

22 Leverage social patterns for email engagement  Where did the customer come from?  Use that information to drive your email lead nurturing program Customer TwitterFacebookMySpaceLinkedIn Stumble Upon DiggYouTube

23 Engage in Relevant 1 to 1 Email Communications  Stay top of mind by sending email communications tailored to your current and potential customers’ interest  Razor sharp targeting based on profile, actions and time  Send dynamically generated content based on your recipient’s profile  Reports are pushed back to your DB  CRM  Analytics  Shopping Cart Email mktg

24 Engage Customers at Every Stage  Plan your email program based on  Origin: Facebook, Twitter, Website, Search Marketing  Customer Life Cycle: history, engagement, loyalty  Dates: seasons, holidays, birthdays, anniversaries  Automation is key to success  Monthly newsletter  Loyalty offer  Birthday coupon  Monthly newsletter  Local offerings  News alert  Welcome email with discount  Website visit  Evaluation  Purchase  Usage  Re-purchase  Loyalty

25 Social feeds Email feeds Social feeds Email…  Getting the word out on important news  Extend the reach of your email programs  Grow your opt in lists Integrated Marketing Communications Emails Public Relations Social Search Marketing Advertising

26 SOCIAL Anonymous community of followers EMAIL Engaged community of followers & influencers

27 Summary  Social feeds email feeds social feeds email…  Segmentation of  Markets  Objectives  Buying process  Channels  Capture, test, & refine for optimum engagement  Try Campaigner for free for 30 days 27

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