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[ Date ] [insert your community foundation logo here] Give Local America A giving day opportunity.

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1 [ Date ] [insert your community foundation logo here] Give Local America A giving day opportunity

2 One day. Imagine Every person. Our community.

3 Local nonprofit partners. Imagine Thousands of local donors.

4 Raising millions for the greater good. Imagine Earning matching funds to make each gift go further.

5 Imagine In our community. And hundreds of others.


7 (OUR NAME) and other communities in a one-day giving challenge to raise essential support for local causes. Give Local America is a national giving event with local impact.

8 We’re inviting local partners to join us in raising funds for vital causes in our community. Together, we can transform lives. HOW IT WORKS Give Local America and you

9 Engage the entire community. Reach more people and bring more attention to local giving, inviting everyone to be a philanthropist. Focus on local giving. We’re working to raise significant funds that will do good for a lifetime—right here in our community. Make history. Build community. Invest in the greater good. Together, we are part of something big Greater good for our community

10 We spotlight the work of local nonprofits. Nonprofit partner profiles on the giving site connect donors to organizations doing community good. Our partners and their friends and fans spread the word. Nonprofit participants, community networks, media and local leaders alert their networks and encourage giving. Donors give to local causes through our giving website, choosing one of our partners as the beneficiary of their gifts. It’s a virtual event, with a personal twist Local giving with an online hub

11 Spurring action with information. Fun, interactive features like real-time progress meters and contests encourage participation. Mobile and social integration. It’s easier than ever to share your message with donors, friends and fans, no matter where they are. Safe and secure. Transactions are verified and processed, and donor information is protected by the highest security ranking in the banking industry. Connecting people with causes that matter Powerful technology with an personal touch

12 Offer the opportunity to connect with new or lapsed donors. Show off the great work your organization is doing in our region. Raise unrestricted funds for your nonprofit. Strengthen online fundraising and social media skills. Give Local America is an opportunity to try something new and exciting here in our community and…

13 Giving Day Goals

14 GET STARTED Partner with us Become a nonprofit partner Sign on as one of our local partners Complete your nonprofit profile Collaborate with us in planning our media and social media outreach Get ready, get set… Drum up support from your network Share your participation on your social and web platforms – use our logo Embed the giving form on your website Participate in our social and media campaigns ramping up to the event Go! Join us at Give Local HQ, or have your own Give Local party! Ask your donors, friends and fans to give, advocate and spread the word Share media stories and giving day milestones on your site and social profiles Come on down to the community foundation for some giving day fun!

15 Visit our site to register for the event. All you need is your 501c3 status, located in one of the areas we serve and {insert any other requirement}. Sign-up for our webinars, download our nonprofit toolkit and learn tips and tricks for success. Take advantage of the tools and resources we will be providing you to get started. We’ll make it easy to participate – your success is up to you. Register to participate Its simple and easy to participate, and everyone is doing it.

16 Look for your own matching fund partner. Many organizations secure their own matching or incentive funds. This drives excitement as gifts are “stretched” even further. Reach out to your biggest advocates and ask them to promote the event and your page. Your biggest fans can be the source of excitement and promotion and help drive donations on throughout the event. Ask them to be ambassadors for your organization. Develop a Giving Day Plan leverage resources available

17 Leverage website, facebook, twitter, email and mail. Tailor messages to donors, use stories and appeals, create a campaign theme/name, personalize – people give to people and causes they connect with. Have fun and try new things. Create creative, entertaining appeals via video, email, social media and mail. Build excitement from now until event. Start communicating early and continue to build momentum throughout the event. Plan emails, website updates, and social media posts. Utilize sample messaging and marketing toolkits for ideas. Communicate, Communicate, Communicate. Be creative, Use all available channels

18 Important things to remember In order to register you’ll need:

19 What would you like to know? Q&A Contact us any time For more information, please contact: [Insert community foundation contact info here: phone email CF website URL or giving website URL]


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