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Class Procedures Life Management Mrs. Fujita E122.

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1 Class Procedures Life Management Mrs. Fujita E122

2 Entering the Classroom Line up in a single file line outside the door. No talking! Wait for the teacher to let you in. Enter through the “Enter” door Walk in quietly, take a seat, and get out the necessary materials for the day.

3 Asking/Answering a Question… Quietly raise your hand and wait for me to call on you. Stand when called upon so everyone can hear your question or answer. If you are working on an assignment at your table, raise your hand and I will come to you.

4 Quiet Signal It is VERY important that you pay attention to the quiet signal! When you see my hand go up, I expect you to do the following: Raise your hand Stop what you are doing Look at me and wait for instructions

5 Requesting a Tissue… Quietly go get a tissue located on the bookcase in the back of the room. Take care of business Quietly go back to your seat after you have washed your hands.

6 Restroom Request… You will need to ask permission to use the restroom. Once permission has been given, fill in your hall pass and bring it to me or the sub to sign. You will be given 4 passes per trimester.

7 Trash Can… If I am talking or we are having a class discussion, you will need to wait to throw your trash away. If you are working at your table or in groups, you may get up & throw your trash away at any time without asking. The trash can is located by the “Exit” door.

8 Classroom Interruptions… If you are working on something, continue working quietly. If we are in the middle of a discussion, please sit quietly. Quietly means NO TALKING!

9 When We Have a Visitor… Please behave appropriately! If they ask you questions, quietly and politely respond.

10 Clean up your area, putting everything back where it goes. Wipe down counters/stations Sweep the floors If time permits, you may work on an assignment from another class. When You are Finished with your classwork

11 Where to Turn Work in Check the board for assignment due dates. Make sure you have the following on your assignment: Name Date Period Turn your work into the black tray marked with your period/letter that is located near the “Exit” door.

12 When You Miss a Day… There are several places you can check what you missed during an absence. Check the following: With a friend The calendar/planner by the enter door The class website With me!

13 “You’re Really Cooking” “You’re really cooking” coupons will be given for a variety of reasons throughout the class period Helping the teacher, being on task, participation, etc. At the end of the month, I will select several coupons. Those names drawn will get to pick a prize from the cookie jar.

14 End of the Class Dismissal… I dismiss you not the bell! Push in your chairs (make sure your table is set-up correctly and CLEAN!) Wait for me to dismiss you/Exit through the exit door Last period of the day: Place chairs on top of tables *-5 points if you do not push your chair in or your table is not set-up correctly.

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