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From Bull Run to Antietam

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1 From Bull Run to Antietam
Chapter 11 Section 1 From Bull Run to Antietam

2 Civil War War between the Union states of the North and the Confederate states of the South

3 First Battle of Bull Run
1st major battle of the Civil War 35,000 soldiers involved 2,900 union casualties Confederates suffered fewer than 2,000 casualties Confederate victory

4 Casualty Military term for those killed, wounded, missing or captured in battle

5 War of Attrition In this this type of war, one side inflicts continuous losses on the enemy in order to wear down its strength

6 Shell Devices that exploded in the air or when they hit something

7 Canister A special type of shell filled with bullets.
Turned cannons into giant shotguns

8 Battle of Shiloh 1862 Union troops under Ulysses S. Grant were pushed back after the first day Urged to surrender but refused Attacked Confederates on the 2nd day Union Victory

9 Battle of Shiloh Union- 13,000 casualties
Confederates- 11,000 casualties Bloodiest battle ever on the North American continent up to that time Ended union hopes of a quick war

10 Battle of Antietam Lee decides to invade the North
Union discovers Lee’s orders 12,000 die in first 3 hours of battle At day’s end 12,000 union casualties 14,000 Confederate casualties

11 Battle of Antietam - Confederates retreat
- Lincoln orders Union General McClellan to destroy the Confederates McClellan does not

12 Battle of Antietam Becomes the bloodiest single day of the Civil War

13 Which side won the First Battle of Bull Run? Why?
The Confederacy Stonewall Jackson’s leadership and the arrival of fresh confederate troops just as the Union army was beginning to fall back guaranteed Confederate victory

14 What were the effects of the invention of new kinds of rifles, bullets, shells, and canister?
They turned the tactic of attacking a position with massed troops into an act of slaughter

15 Briefly describe the war strategies of the North.
Implement “Anaconda plan by blockading the South and gaining control over the Mississippi River Seize Richmond

16 Briefly describe the war strategies of the South.
Fight a war of attrition Apply pressure on Great Britain and France to help by stopping cotton exports South produced 75% of the world’s cotton

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