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LinkedIn: The Basics 2013 Brooke Glover

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1 LinkedIn: The Basics 2013 Brooke Glover

2 LinkedIn Professional picture Summary  Detailed, Creative, Same as Profile on resume  Extension of who you are  Don’t obsess  Can always add more later

3 LinkedIn Experience  Spend time on this  Detailed description of the jobs listed – especially if looking for similar job  Omit jobs not relevant, if you can  Emphasize accomplishments  Recommendations – recruiters love to see

4 LinkedIn Skills & Expertise  Recruiters look at this BUT not that important  Make sure you have some skills listed and some endorsements  Endorsements:  Endorse others and then they will endorse you  Ask for endorsements – send e-mail

5 LinkedIn Education o Join alum group Groups o Join as many relevant groups as can!!!!

6 LinkedIn Tips Spend time every day on LinkedIn Build your “brand” o Starting your own group o Adding comments to groups Connections – Two trains of thought o With only with people in your field o With almost everyone Extension of you and tool to sell yourself as a professional

7 Contact Information 773-454-1467 Connect on LinkedIn

8 Questions?

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