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SPORTS By: Cali Greenberg Sports are beneficial in many ways.

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1 SPORTS By: Cali Greenberg Sports are beneficial in many ways

2 SPORTS  Enjoy the game!

3 Field day is an important day for the Gym teacher because he sees kids playing sports all day! Also it’s FUN! FIELD DAY

4  Who doesn’t love soccer? Well I know I do! SOCCER

5 Focus! Chess match!Ride like the wind! DIFFERENT TYPES OF SPORTS

6 Surf’s Up! SURFING


8 Sports are beneficial in many ways, and different sports affect people in many different ways! If you play a sport, you lose weight and losing weight is a big deal now because, there is more obesity in the world now then ever before! There are so many kids, who are obese, and it’s important for kids to play sports because, there will be less obesity! Another reason why kids are obese is because, they spend more time in front of the T.V, Computer, or Video Game Console and less time playing a sport and getting into shape. Also kids are obese is because they aren’t eating healthy. Lots of kids are eating fast food and junk food and that’s why kids are overweight. Instead kids should have a healthy choice in what they eat! Sports are also a great way to make new friends! For example when I started to play soccer, I didn’t know anyone on my team and that’s when I met my best friend Carly from Rockville Center, and when I moved to Manhattan, Carly and I still keep in touch! I think when your on a team you have a chance of making new friends that could last you a lifetime. And when your on a team you would want a friend to support you and care for you and to cheer you on when your struggling you would always want a friend to help you and make you try and do their best!

9 Sports are really important in school because, when you get into high school you would like a scholarship for when you go off to college, and when you play a sport you can get a scholarship for sports. Sports could also help you with schoolwork. For example if your not the best in school but you’re the best at baseball, baseball could help you with your school work because your more focused, and you could get higher grades! Sports also teach kids to have independence because, you need to practice and be prepared! In school you need to practice your reading, math, social studies, and many more. And be prepared in school like bring your supplies and school things like pencils, erasers, and pencil sharpeners and things like that! Another thing is to treat your teammates like your classmates! Now I interviewed my teacher Wendi Kruger because after school on Tuesday though Thursday she runs a track team! And track is a great sport because it helps your core and get in shape! I sat down with Wendi and asked her some questions about sports and these are and these are the questions I asked her! “What does exercise mean to you? ”And “Why do you think kids should play sports?” And this is what Wendi said “Everything!! Exercise means to set my goals and to achieve them” and this was Wendi’s second response “I think kids should play sports because to end child obesity, and to get in shape, and to feel good about themselves and to have more confidence.”

10 I agree with Wendi because sports and exercise means a lot. Exercise and sports is like your life! You have to exercise to be in shape and to feel good about yourself and to set goals you never thought of trying! I also agree that kids should play sports, to cause less obesity in the world today! And gives kids a chance to believe in them to have confidence! And this is all why I think sports are beneficial and how sports affect people in different ways!

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