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Tuesdays with Morrie Project

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1 Tuesdays with Morrie Project
Avery Sells Interview with Aaron Sells (Uncle)

2 The person I interviewed is my uncle Aaron Sells
The person I interviewed is my uncle Aaron Sells. He has been a very big inspiration to me because of the way he has portrayed leadership and courage on and off the sports field. For these reasons, I respect him and look up to him.

3 Interview with my Uncle Aaron
Avery-Who inspired you as a kid, that made you who you are today? Aaron-As a kid I looked up to my father and brother, their work ethics and personalities. How they were as people motivated me to work as hard as I do. They are able to get along with anyone and this is not something that is taught in school. They still inspire me today.

4 Avery-Do you have something/someone that inspires you now?
Aaron-I am fortunate to have great people in business that serve as mentors. Many came from nothing and have worked their way up. They have worked hard, and do not take anything for granted. Life can change in a flash! Their motivation to succeed is inspiring to me today.

5 Avery-Did anything happen that changed the way you live your life today? Have you had a life altering experience? Aaron-I lost my best friend Morgan when we were in college. He was walking home and was murdered while trying to break up a fight. He was young and had the whole world ahead of him. Not I try and enjoy life as best I can and not take anything for granted. Life is precious and can end at any time.

6 Avery-If you died today would you have any regrets?
Aaron-yes…I try everyday to become a better person and father and sometimes feel I am not with my kids enough. My regret is that I am not with them more. They are growing up so fast. I try and make the time I have with them count.

7 Avery-What is something you want to accomplish
Avery-What is something you want to accomplish? Aaron-Most important to me is trying to be a great dad and father. I want to be a better person to my kids, and try and pass on to them a little from everyone that inspired and motivated me. I want them to feel loved and learn to depend on themselves.

8 Avery-What motivated you to get to where you are today?
Aaron-I have always been competitive and always wanted to win. That is one reason why I always loved sports. I try and do the best I can everyday, and follow many of the same principles I did when I played sports. I work hard, and try and be fair, but I am motivated to win and do the best I can. My personal success is important to me.

9 Avery-Are there any quotes or rules you live by. Aaron-ha,ha…rules
Avery-Are there any quotes or rules you live by? Aaron-ha,ha…rules!! My biggest thing is realizing how precious life is. It is shorter than we all think. From a rules standpoint I wake up and go to bed and value life more and try to get the most out of life everyday. We all have certain rules we live by. I guess my biggest rule would be to appreciate what I have and live everyday as though it is my last.

10 Avery-What do you value most today?
Aaron-definitely my family. I have a wonderful mother, though my dad passed away. I have a great family. I regret that I can’t spend more time with them. I know everyone is busy but I think we all know how much we mean to each other. I grew up with a small family but we were all pretty close, and still are. I want my kids to be able to know their whole family. Family is important.

11 Throughout my childhood, my uncles has always been an inspiration to me. Though I do not get to spend a lot of time with him, I know he would be there if I needed him. I have always looked up to the way he does things and have carried this over to how I do in school and in sports.

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