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Healthy Body Healthy Mind Looking at sports. What is a Sport? By Jamal Hamlet A Sport is any physical activity, which usually involves rules and skill.

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1 Healthy Body Healthy Mind Looking at sports

2 What is a Sport? By Jamal Hamlet A Sport is any physical activity, which usually involves rules and skill. These activities can be played by one or many persons. Some of the sport which people are play are: Cricket Baseball, Football, Swimming, Hockey, Car racing, gymnastics and many more. These sport can be play for fun as a hobby or professionally. Were one can be paid for doing what they love and enjoy.

3 What is your favourite sport?

4 Lawston Elementary

5 Swimming Ruby says: I like swimming because you can do it all year around. In the summer, spring, fall, and winter. Also when you are old you can swim so your bones are strong. The only bad thing is that you can drown, but that is really rare.

6 Swimming Austin says : Swimming is a fun thing to do. It is very good exercise for you. You get very hungry after swimming. You probably want to go swimming in the summer time unless you go to an inside pool. Lots of people like to swim. People mostly go swimming in lakes and pools. Most people dont go swimming in the ocean because its all salty and gets in your mouth.


8 Soccer Martina says: Soccer is one of 3 of my favorite sports. I like soccer because there are so many different positions I can play. My favorite position is defense because when I am going to kick the ball away and up the field from them, they think I will kick the ball straight up the field. I kick it to the side to one of my teammates. Being the goalie can be very scary. There are also forwards and a center offense.


10 Basketball Anna says: I play basketball in my backyard 6 hours a day plus at school! I love basketball so much; I want to be a professional basketball player. When I get to middle school I am going to be on a team. All through high school and college, too! I am really good at basketball. I wish there was a team at our school. But there is not.


12 Basketball Henry says: My favorite sport is basketball. Its lots and lots of fun to play. I get to play it at recess. My favorite team is the Seattle Supersonics. I like to shoot hoops


14 Tennis Katie says: Tennis is a fun sport to play. It takes a lot of time and effort to play this sport. I practiced up to an hour a day. It does not matter if you win or lose its how you treat the other player with respect. Its all fun and games, right?

15 The best time to practice or play is probably in the summer or spring. Tennis keeps you fit and healthy. You dont want to become a couch potato! This sport will help you exercise. Do it for at least 30 minutes a day. Have fun playing tennis!


17 Roland Elementary

18 Baseball Bobby and josh says: gr. 3 Baseball is three strikes you are out. A home is when you go around the bases. A foul is a bad hit. A strike is a miss. If you catch the ball without it touching the ground you are out


20 Hockey James and Steven says:. Grade 3 Hockey is our favourite sport. Hockey is fun. Skating is fun. Hockey is exciting. You need skates to skate.



23 Cricket Michael Johnson says: I love cricket because it is the best sport ever. I play cricket everyday with my friend and family. Hitting the ball and to make six or four runs is some time hard for me. But I am getting better with practice as I get stronger. Sometimes I get upset when I am out. But I then remember this is part of the sport also. And it sometimes make the game more exciting.


25 Running By Asha says: Running is great it makes me feel like I can fly.And no one can reach me. I dont run with a team but one day I hope I will.

26 Football Roheed says: I love football. All you need to play is a ball and an open area. Which is easy to find. I play everyday and want to be just as the professionals. Our local team is going to Germany for the first time. I am so happy. And cant wait to see the action.


28 Gymnastics Jamal,Kadeen and Nanicka say: Gymnastics is our sport We love the flipping, leaping,tumbling and balancing. Gymnastic is a very demanding and serious sport. You must be discipline and must not fool around with the techniques.Because you can hurt your self very bad.



31 By Asha George My mom is in a exercise class. She take me with her sometime. I love to go it a lot of fun and make me feel good. My Mom say exercising is like her sport.

32 Like Sport it make the muscle bigger and stronger. Help you stay to be alert Be full of energy Lose weight My mom said it help her handles stress

33 But please Remember, your body is very important. It needs the right stuff to work. So for you to be great at what you do. You must have a happy and healthy body. You must eat the right things. To make the body run the way it should.

34 ealthy Food, Healthy Body Healthy Food, Healthy Body

35 Leaving you with strong and happy bones

36 Special thanks to: Barry Karmer

37 Lawton Elementary

38 Roland Elementary

39 And the rest of the Learning Circle crew for making this project possible

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