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Stay Active at Home Rachel Emerson Parents Parents! Make exercising fun for your children.

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2 Stay Active at Home Rachel Emerson Parents

3 Parents! Make exercising fun for your children

4 Does your child enjoy physical education class?  If your child enjoys physical education class: make sure you continue it at home.  If your child does not enjoy physical education class: try something at home that gets them physically active. learn what they enjoy to do that can relate to physical activity any type of physical activity. do something new with them everyday that involves physical activity.  Your child will eventually find something that they like to do that also gives them the exercise they need.

5 Set up a Schedule To make sure that you take time out of your day to do physical activity, create a schedule. It will get your child into a routine as well as the parent.

6 No Electronics! When your child gets home from school, make sure that they do not: Go on the computer Play on their phone Watch television Use an iPad

7 Buy New Toys Buying your child new toys to play with will make it more fun for them. They will want to play with their new toys and be more interested. Make sure that the toys are something that can incorporate physical activity for your child.

8 Go Outside! Make time to go outside whenever you can. Even though indoor exercise is possible, there is more room outdoors and it is more fun for the children. Even if you have a swing set in your backyard, that will always give them something to do outside.

9 Enroll them in a sport Have your child pick a sport that they would want to play and enroll them in it. Lacrosse Soccer Baseball Basketball Football

10 Be a good role model -Be a role model for your kids by: ~Interacting with them ~Eating healthy ~Working out ~Playing with them Show that you can have fun while you work out!

11 Exercise together Get your whole family involved! -Go for walks -Go to the playground -Ride bikes together There are so many things that you can do with your child that can be a fun way for both of you to get your exercise in for the day.

12 Family Fitness Vacations Try to plan a fun trip around some sort of physical activity, for example: Learning a sport like surfing Going swimming Riding your bike places Going hiking

13 On the other hand…Be Safe! Make sure that your child doesn’t over do it. They need to listen to their body and if they are getting too tired they should not be pushing themselves too hard at this age. It also makes it less fun for them if they are struggling with what they are doing.

14 Stretch ~You and your child need to stretch before doing any type of physical activity. ~Get your child into a good habit of doing that and set a good example for them.

15 Hydration Drink a lot of water! Before and after working out stay hydrated

16 Balanced Diet Eat Healthy! Not too many snack foods Eat a proper meal before and after working out

17 Eating right The way you eat before and after you workout can make a big difference in the way your body performs

18 Environment Make sure that your child is playing in a safe environment. Especially when you are not exercising at home.

19 Points that were covered: Set up a schedule No electronics Buy new toys Go outside Enroll them in sports Be a good role model Exercise together Family Fitness Vacations

20 Points that were covered: Be safe! Stretch Hydration Balanced Diet Environment

21 Remember… Stay Active

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