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The Giver By Zavier Warren 6 th hour. Setting So far most of the story has taken place in the community that all of the people live in, and all of the.

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1 The Giver By Zavier Warren 6 th hour

2 Setting So far most of the story has taken place in the community that all of the people live in, and all of the people play a role in the community. The community is a perfect world there is no war, no fear, and no pain. A lot of the story takes place in the givers office were Jonas takes the receiving from the giver. Another place were the setting takes place is in Jonas’s home were he lives with his mom dad and younger sister who annoys him a lot. This picture represents the Community where the Setting takes place.

3 C Jonas Jonas is twelve years old, he lives at home with his mom and dad. What makes Jonas stand out from the others in the community is that his eyes are lighter than all the others. Every person in the community is assigned a job in the community Jonas’s job is to be the receiver. The reason that Jonas was picked as the receiver was because he was very brave. The giver said that Jonas was very smart and that Jonas receives very well. Jonas asks a lot of questions to the giver when he is receiving because he is very interested in the history and the story’s that the giver has to tell. I think Jonas has a very big imagination and he always want to know more information than given. Here is a picture of Jonas and the giver. Static Major character Protagonist

4 C The Giver The giver is an old man who is very wise. The giver gives Jonas all of the memories that he must receive even though some of them are painful. The giver believes that everybody in the community should receive memories and Jonas agrees with him. The giver likes Jonas because he said that Jonas is very smart and brave. Static Major character Protagonist

5 C Jonas’s father Jonas’s dads job is a nurturer he takes care of the young kids in there first year of life. The child that there father nurtures is Gabriel. Jonas’s dad shares his feelings at dinner. Jonas’s dad I think is very proud for Jonas because he is the receiver. Jonas’s dad is very nice to the infants that he takes in. He also takes his job very seriously. Minor STATIC protagonist

6 C Lily Lily is Jonas's younger sister, she is only seven years old. Throughout the story Lily seems to annoy Jonas just like many younger sisters would. Lily likes to talk a lot and does not know when to keep her mouth shut. Protagonist Static Minor

7 C Asher Asher is Jonas’s best friend in the story, Asher is very foolish at times. Asher is also twelve just like Jonas. Asher is known for mixing up words for some reason. Asher is also not the most responsible either because he always is late for school and try's to make to excuses for why he was late everyday. Asher was assigned Assistant Recreational Director for his job assignment. Static Protagonist Minor

8 P Rising action The rising action is what come before the climax and builds up to the highest point of action. I think the rising is when Jonas becomes the next receiver of memory, because this is how everything starts. From there when he is receiving the memories and when he starts realizing what the real world is about. I also think another part of the rising action is when he realizes what actually happens to the kids when they are “released”, that also ties into the climax too. This picture represents Jonas becoming the new receiver of me- mory and receiving his first memory from the giver.

9 P Climax The climax is the highest point of action in the book. The climax is when Jonas realizes that when his father “releases” new children he actually kills them. Jonas does not let his father kill Gabriel and the temptation of running away overcomes him. He is so mad with the community that he can not take it anymore and he runs away with Gabriel and will not return back to the community. Jonas was not happy with the fact that the whole community lies too. This picture represents what happens to the babies when they are releases.

10 P Falling action Falling action is the part of the plot that happens after the climax has been reached and the conflict has been resolved. The falling action in the story is when Jonas leaves the community on his bike with Gabriel. He is trying to stay away from the search planes and ignoring his hunger and pain to try to bring feelings and color to his community. This is a picture of Jonas And Gabriel escaping the community.

11 Conflict One of the conflicts in the giver is when Jonas finds out that when the baby is released that his dad has to kill the baby.- This conflict is man vs. man. Another conflict is when Jonas and Gabriel escape the community.- This conflict is man vs. society (society= community. The third and final conflict is when The Giver and Jonas discover that sameness throughout the community is not as good as people think. –This is an example of men(s) vs. society.

12 Theme The them is the subject or topic being discussed in the story or writing. The theme or the lesson learned in the story is when Jonas finds out what it is like to be a regular human and not be under the system that the whole community is. Because he knows what it is like to be a real human he takes Gabriel and try’s to escape FOR EVER!!!!!!!!!!!

13 Resolution The resolution is how the conflict is resolved. Jonas resolves the conflict by running away from the community with Gabriel. Jonas resolves the fact that Gabriel would have been killed by his own dad. I think Jonas also ran away because he was mad about sameness.

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