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Written By: Lois Lowry Published on: September 1990 PowerPoint By: Anoushka Dasgupta.

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1 Written By: Lois Lowry Published on: September 1990 PowerPoint By: Anoushka Dasgupta

2 The Setting The Setting Number The Stars mainly takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark. The year 1943. Annemarie and her family lives in a small crowded apartment in Copenhagen. Her best friend Ellen also lives in the same building but in a different apartment. Later on, the story also takes place in Gilleleje, Denmark, which is where Annemarie’s Uncle, Henrik, lives.

3 The Main Characters The Main Characters  Annemarie Johansen-- She has blonde hair and blue eyes. She is 10 years old in the throughout most of the book. Annemarie is very courageous. You could also call her innocent because she really doesn’t know what is going on exactly. She is also modest because even though she did a really good thing, she never bragged about it once.  Ellen Rosen– Ellen is described as having dark hair and dark eye color too. She is Annemarie’s best friend and she is Jewish. She is intellectual because she really cares about her grades as said in the first chapter of the book. She is also proud of being Jewish. Despite what is happening to the Jewish people out there at that time, not once did she say, I don’t want to be a Jewish person anymore. She is also patient because even though she was taken from her parents, not once did she get impatient and say I want to go home.

4 Problem/Conflict Problem/Conflict The main problem/conflict is that the Nazi’s are trying to capture all the Jewish people and kill them. Ellen, Annemarie's best friend is Jewish. Annemarie and her family are going to try to help Ellen's and some other Jewish families escape to Sweden.

5 Plot-Resolution Plot-Resolution The resolution to the conflict in the story is that Uncle Henrik and Annemarie Uncle Henrik and Annemarie’s mom all go out at night to drop the Jewish families off at Uncle Henricks boat so they can go safely to Sweden.

6 My Opinion My Opinion I thought this book was AMAZING! It was really good. It makes you understand the situation at that time. This was the second time I read the book but it was still as good as ever. At first most books bore me and I choose another book to read but I don’t really finish books I start. The time I read the beginning of the book, it grabbed my attention. I started reading it and reading it until it was finished. I’m not really a book worm, but this is one of my favorite books.

7 Which Of These Facts Is A Fib, About the Author? Which Of These Facts Is A Fib, About the Author?  This was her first book she ever wrote.  She was born on March 20, 1937.  She went to Junior High in Tokyo.  She has four children.  She has written over 472 books.  Her hobbies are knitting, photography, art and writing.

8 The Fib is… The Fib is… The Fib is that this was not the first book she ever wrote. The first book Lois Lowry ever wrote was a children’s book. It was called, “A Summer To Die ”

9 5 Test Questions 5 Test Questions  Do you think Pete should have joined the resistance? Why? - Yes I do because he had helped a lot of Jewish people escape to Sweden, without him they all would have died. He did a great thing for the Jewish people and can never be thanked enough for that.  Why do you think Uncle Henrik risked his life to protect the Jewish people? -I think he thought this cruelty was unfair and he knew something had to be done about it.  What was Annemarie’s younger sisters name? -Annemarie's younger sisters name was Kirsti Johansen  Why do you think Uncle Henrik called Annemarie brave? -I think it was because Annemarie didn’t know much about the war and focused on only the job she was doing and taking risks.  How old was Annemarie when the war ended? - Annemarie was twelve. (12)

10 Summary Summary Annemarie and Ellen are best friends. There is one problem though. Ellen is Jewish. World War 2 is going on at this time in the book. All the Jewish people were being captured and killed. Annemarie and her family took Ellen from her parents so that Ellen could be safe. The Johansen’s later went to Uncle Henriks place so he could take the Jews on a boat and drop them off at Sweden. He was dropping them off at Sweden because over there, there no one was going to harm the Jewish people. Ellen gets on the boat and reunites with her parents there. The plan was dangerous but it went smoothly. After WW2 ended the Jewish people were free and all the Jews could return back to there home safely.

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