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Written by Lois Lowry Presentation by Lauren Lorentzen.

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1 Written by Lois Lowry Presentation by Lauren Lorentzen

2 Jonas, “The Receiver of Memory” “The Giver”, the man who gives memories to Jonas Asher, Jonas’s friend Lily, Jonas’s sister Mother, his mom, a judge Father, his dad, a nurturer CHARACTERS

3 When Jonas was 11-13 years old. They live in a dystopia world, where everything is the same. There’s no colors, war, hills, mountains, or seasons. Everyone’s birthday lands in December. When the children turn twelve they are assigned a specially picked job by the Elders of the community. Some examples of the jobs are Nurturer, Birthmother, Judge, Assistant Director of Recreation, and Receiver of Memory. SETTING

4 The world is in sameness, and it’s up to Jonas if he wants to fix it. When he became the Receiver of Memory he learned that the world wasn’t always like it is now. He thinks that the “sameness” in the community needs to change, because the world was better before than it is now. PROBLEM

5 If you have not read this book and you plan to DO NOT READ ON OR YOU’LL HAVE TO KEEP ALL THE PAST GENERATION MEMORIES OF YOUR TOWN!!!! Like the Giver did for so many years. SPOILER ALERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

6 The Giver and Jonas hatch a plan for him to escape to Elsewhere (the place beyond the city limits). If he left, then the memories would stay in the city, and enter the peoples lives. SOLUTION

7 Lois Lowry has won two Newbery Medals for her books. Her first Newbery was for, "Number the Stars” in 1989, and then her second one was, “The Giver” in 1993. She has also written more than thirty children’s books and an autobiography. ABOUT THE AUTHOR

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